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As equals I want to show people how I view the world. Letting them see what I see using different topics like horror to love and having different styles of photography from landscaping to portraits. (URGENT Inc. Intern)
Hvibes23 Photography, Colour
US VS. THEM Spoken words that summarizes the situation with Black Lives Matter along with a dance that deeply emphasized it. To all African Americans, we can not stop fighting for our rights, we the people and we matter.
Tags: #UrgentInc, #blacklivesmatter, #stoppolicbrutality, #humanrights, #thechildrentrust, #themiamifoundation
woodnicolas22 Mixed Media
More than a Mask Three teens come together to remind everyone the importance of wearing a mask and its benefits when it comes to COVID-19. (Urgent Inc. / F.A.C.E)
Tags: #UrgentInc, #morethanamask, #wearamask, #preventcovid-19, #thechildrentrust, #themiamifoundation
woodnicolas22 Mixed Media
Viewing from the Positive Side of 2020 While I sat down in front of my camera, revisiting the timeline of my life since April...I shared with the audience a summary with everything that I have accomplished in that time being. With the hope to make them come into the realization that this year also had its benefits and that there’s no point in giving up now since we all have made it...
Tags: #UrgentInc, #faceexperience, #pandemic2020, #2020experience, #themiamifoundation, #thechildrentrust
woodnicolas22 Mixed Media
The Awkward Laugh They were asked to come together for a picture, but they had to make it seem as if they were in love...they sat next to each other, looked at each other, then that awkward moment. Which made me realized, that every moment shared with another counts and it brings joy to the heart. (Urgent Inc / F.A.C.E)
Tags: #UrgentInc, #faceinterns, #awkwardness, #joeylamar, #thechildrentrust, #themimifoundation, #takingitglobal
woodnicolas22 Photography, Colour
Endurance My name is Leonce Luma an Urgent Inc Intern. This short film is entitled Endurance, which revolves around a young man who isn’t satisfied with where he is in life. After reflecting on a past inspirational video conducted by him, we begin to see his own words conflict with him. However, due to a motivational dream, he was able to persevere and...
Tags: #FACE #FaceTheExperince
LeonceLuma Mixed Media
Masked Crusader My name is Leonce Luma an Urgent Inc intern. Above is a piece entitled Masked Crusader, which represents the rebellious side of society that refuses to wear a mask. Many individuals would argue that they’re one of the reasons why the COVID cases are so high, however, the very people who aren’t wearing masks would say otherwise. The same way...
Tags: #FACE #FaceTheExperince
LeonceLuma Photography, Colour
The power of black excellence As part of urgent inc i wanted to show and give light to black women and what they do. This picture represent how black women can overcome anything and won't let nothing come their way no matter what.
Tags: F.A.C.E Urgent Inc.
kERV29 Photography, Colour
Closer Than Before I am a Urgent Inc intern. Closer Than Before is a photo that shows how this pandemic has brought us closer even though we have to stay from a distance. Social media has played a big role in keeping us close.
Tags: confidence, depression, love, happy
SabrinaAnelus Painting
CONFIDENCE I am a Urgent In. Confidence is a short film that shines a light on our insecurities and how we need to hear what we need to hear and not what we want to hear. Once someone find the confidence in themselves and not from others. You can see a change in them.
Tags: hope, COVID, close, love, SOCIAL DISTANCES
SabrinaAnelus Photography, Colour