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Dare to Reshape our World: Life Created using Artificial Intelligence
globalgallery Computer Graphics
To Have a Heart The main thing this world lacks the most; is a heart. People need to have a heart for this place to become better, you can not just keep dragging a cold ice brick and expect it to heat up on its own. We need to start sympathizing with each other first to move ahead. Thus a heart latching on to the earth.
globalgallery Drawing, Charcoal
the ingredient to success the ingredient you need to success is change
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil
Respect Towards Other Cultures. This drawing depicts respect towards other culture. I got the idea of it from so of the work I was doing in school.
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Your healing begins with charity Help someone’s dream come true. Help others and be happy.
Tags: #philanthropy
khadijakiran Markers
Empowering a Brighter World In my artwork, this young girl from a BIPOC background is seen happily floating in the sky holding balloons that contain her vision for the world that she aims to reshape. She is wearing a rainbow dress, symbolizing her identity as a 2LGBTQ+ community member. The balloons represent my vision for a greater world that all politicians should work...
catherinewang10 Computer Graphics
Back to Nature Some people think that the solution to the problems of our world is in technology and giant cities, of course, we need it, but what did these things do to our planet? We are now facing the danger of existence because of these cities and their endless problems. How about integrating our lives into nature, the nature that has given us everything...
globalgallery Computer Graphics
A helping hand In this artwork, the viewer can observe a someone offering help to another person, which is something I wish to see everyday.
globalgallery Computer Graphics
DECARBONIZE: Save Mother Earth As individuals, let us be the main part in helping and saving our dear Mother Earth by doing best practices in stopping climate change.
Tags: #decarbonize, #ph_decarbonize
aleaK_akirnE Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Save the World The world will be more technologic, and a lot of things will be eco friendly
globalgallery Painting