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back to nature back to nature.original art work by Lanjar Jiwo
Tags: lanjarjiwo, painting, art, yogyakarta, indonesia
lashart Mixed Media
Water for my school Usamos el agua para beber en la escuela
CarlosChiu Collage
Washing your hands Lavarse las manos cuida tu cuerpo
CarlosChiu Collage
Watering my flowers Regando mis flores
CarlosChiu Collage
Water is for health Usamos el agua para cuidar nuestra salud
CarlosChiu Collage
Washing your hands Necesitamos el agua para lavarnos las manos y cuidar nuestra salud
CarlosChiu Collage
Flowers Las flores en mi colegio
CarlosChiu Collage
Pacha Mama Mother Earth takes care of us
Tags: carving, wood
CarlosChiu Sculpture
My Planet is Fading I wanted to show the dangerous condition our planet is in for climate change through my artwork.
Noor_Hiya Painting
A Brown Mt. Everest In this traditional Korean painting, the snow of Mt. Everest has all melted due to global warming
Hajin Painting