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Love Emits. I created this piece of Art gluing red paper over top of a sketch of a woman. I curled the paper to make it fancier/prettier. Each layer represents big and small amounts of love "emitting" off of someone. My wish for the next 150 years of Canada is represented in my Art; Beauty and Love may continue.
Tags: red, love, heart, beauty, beautiful, pretty, metaphor, paper, meaning, inspirational, fancy, care
RTISTry1234 Drawing, Pencil
Climate Change Hazards of global warming and the negative effects on our planet.
Tags: earth
marygabriel Drawing, Pencil
How we abuse Earth In my picture a woman is coloured like Earth -symbolizing "Mother Earth". She is hooked up to an I.V. that, instead of helping her, is sucking oil out of her. This shows how people relentlessly drain the Earth of it's natural resources without considering repercussions. She is also breathing pollution from a human city out of a face mask. This...
Junebug1111 Painting, Watercolour
Balance On Earth In my picture I have a balance scale. On one side of the scale I have an earth growing out of dirt representing the environmental aspect of life. On the other side I have an earth with cars, trucks, etc. Neither side weighs the other out. The trick is finding the balance between satisfying the human needs and the environment. You need balance...
HaremA Markers
Canada's Disappearing Water Supply The photos I have chosen to showcase in my collage, taken by Marcel Finnigan, represent the beautiful place I call home, the Canadian Rocky Mountains. What saddens me most when I reflect upon these photos is how often I take for granted the water I receive from the Rockies. The glaciers here are diminishing at a faster rate than in the past due...
dancing_ninja1 Collage
The Daily Journey In many places of rural Ethiopia, clean water isn't easily accessible. Instead the locals must travel great distances in order to find a spring or a well. The image above depicts exactly that as a woman makes her daily trip to fetch water. In order to take the water back, the woman is carrying a clay water jug on her back. Unfortunately, even...
Rachel_Zewde_ Drawing, Pencil-crayon
RECYCLE Today in world everything is being recycled. Which is need for our survival, We need to think about this. But not recycle relationship
cdcindia Painting, Oil
LOVE YOUR NATURE Need to go close to nature, you will feel good. Every natural views gives us hope and meaning of life.
cdcindia Painting, Acrylic
Tree the Savior One tree gives us lots of things free of cost. The earth is beautiful with the trees, Imagine more
cdcindia Painting, Acrylic
Leadership Creative Workshop - Art Workshop Youth First Workshop
YouthFirst Photography, Colour