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Remove the trash,Let the water splash! The painting is inspired by the love of marine life.It illustrate the affects of pollution and alarm us to fix our wrongdoings and save these beautiful animals.
khadijakiran Painting
Melting Point This picture shows about global warming and delineate earth as an ice-cream which melts down because of extreme heat.
khadijakiran Drawing, Pastel
Scourge of Pollution The painting shows two phases of earth and it also gives us hope for a better place to live
khadijakiran Drawing, Pastel
Earth on Fire! The painting depicts two different aspects of the earth.The green and blue area shows that we still have time to make amends and portrays hope for better earth and the other zone with increased temperature shows that it is high time to take measures to save earth
khadijakiran Drawing, Pastel
HOPE The flower represents hope for a change.The elephant is depending on it to be saved from the drastic fire which depicts that we still have a chance to save the earth and we need to save it before it is no where to be found
khadijakiran Painting
SAVE IT! The painting was inspired by space.It depicts that the pollution has caused drastic effects on earth as well as its affecting our space.Its large enough to threaten human spaceflight and robotic missions -- exists in the near-Earth space environment.So everyone should clam down and respect what we have created before the earth burns .Its never...
khadijakiran Painting
Bones without Skin The shallow water hides within itself a glimpse of the near future.If climate change is not subdued the mankind will continue to destroy the environment and the future ahead would be dark and gloomy with nothing but bones without skin.
khadijakiran Painting
Forest on Fire 1. The purpose of the dress was to show the impact climate change has on our forests. The bottom of the garment has been made to look like flames burning the trunks of the trees in a forest, while the top of the dress resembles the canopy. My inspiration for the artwork was the Australian 2019 bushfires.
Tags: recycled, dress, climate change, wearable art
rhart127 Mixed Media
Burning Forrest To remind people of the consequences of climate change I painted this picture in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. It is to show the schizophrenic side of society, which watches the Kilmawandel idly and accepts that they die out only because they are too inconsistent to change something.
Tags: Van Gogh, climate change, Burning Forrest
thedarktist Painting, Oil
It is our Time The skull represents the change and death society has done against our earth. There is a clear representation between the candle burning, implying time is running out, and the skull being all that is left after the death of earth. The hand shows how we society, control the fate of our own world. It is our turn to make change.
Tags: skull, death, earth, change, candle, hope
rhart127 Computer Graphics