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Submissions (2325)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Perspective of the world It shows how your perspective shapes the world, no matter how it actually is.
globalgallery Mixed Media
the ingredient to success the ingredient you need to success is change
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil
Buy Them!Or They Will Soon Bury You! Chemical substance that causes a change in our physiology or psychology when consumed so Avoid It.
Tags: #drug - 52%
khadijakiran Drawing, Pencil
Happy Children's Day Happiness and hope belong to children.
khadijakiran Drawing, Pencil
World Food Day! Food is the basic human right,So don't waste food
khadijakiran Drawing, Pencil-crayon
“Doing well by doing good” Be yourself in loving others. Believe in tomorrow. Bless others with your gift. Build great futures with great charity.
Tags: #fundraising
khadijakiran Markers
Your healing begins with charity Help someone’s dream come true. Help others and be happy.
Tags: #philanthropy
khadijakiran Markers
Walk right up to good food Food is what makes the world go around
khadijakiran Markers
Teachers spread knowledge They say the best teachers are those who have once been students themselves.
khadijakiran Drawing, Pencil
Teachers build future Whenever in doubt, ask a teacher because Teachers give the gift of education.
Tags: #BlendedLearning
khadijakiran Drawing, Pencil