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As equals I want to show people how I view the world. Letting them see what I see using different topics like horror to love and having different styles of photography from landscaping to portraits. (URGENT Inc. Intern)
Hvibes23 Photography, Colour
US VS. THEM Spoken words that summarizes the situation with Black Lives Matter along with a dance that deeply emphasized it. To all African Americans, we can not stop fighting for our rights, we the people and we matter.
Tags: #UrgentInc, #blacklivesmatter, #stoppolicbrutality, #humanrights, #thechildrentrust, #themiamifoundation
woodnicolas22 Mixed Media
Do Something To Improve As quarantine hits. Staf gets bored and has nothing to do. Sitting in front of tv all day became boring and now Staf must find a way to get out of boredom. Little did he know that boredom led to depression. One day Staf sat on the couch and was just scrolling through channels. It was miserable. So Staf decided to go get some fresh air then...
StafJean Mixed Media
Dear Younger Self Hi, I am currently an intern at Urgent, Inc. and this piece is something that I hold so dearly to myself and want others to connect to as well. The purpose of my art is to show others how to communicate with their inner child and feed it with love/assurity. We sometimes allow social interactions to stop us from freeing ourselves from the things...
Tags: #Words, #UrgentInc, #FACE, #Power, #Growth
shacarahbraddy Mixed Media
Our Voices Matter Hi, I'm an intern at Urgent, Inc and my art is intended to inspire those that may need the upliftment to speak their truth. My art speaks to those that may have never received the words that they may have needed. Our voice has the power to either make others' lives better or worse. Words should be used wisely while holding the power that it...
Tags: #FACE, #UrgentInc, #Words, #Voices, #Growth
shacarahbraddy Photography, Colour
Three Hands Aurora Escobedo is a junior filmmaker at Littleglobe, and she created this mixed-media piece about the protests and racial justice for Episode 4 of LIttleglobe TV.
YouthMedia Mixed Media
ARYAN'S STORY, AFGHANISTAN AND GERMANY I have made this film cause during the Quarantine and the start of Covid19 my situation and the situation of most refugees was not passing in way to protect ourselves and our environment. We was all eating together setting . Going outside coming holding from one door handles was all this very difficult and I was very worried of my family...
YouthMedia Mixed Media
HOPE + ANGER IS ALL WE GOT. As a black person living in American I have so much fear. I have fear for myself and the people that look like me. In addition to the fear, I am very angry. At times, these feelings can motivate me to be active in my community to make a change. However, I have to admit that I feel hopeless. What does it say about our society that the police can...
Moonahmay Markers
Luna Interior Menstruación. Dejar fluir mi cuerpo con todo ello que me representa, que muestra salud. La menstruación, que demuestra como nos sentimos, desde nuestro segundo corazón. Mi útera. Que con suaves contracciones manda fluidos comunicando de mí. Que anuncia sobre el bienestar de cada uno de nuestros cuerpos menstruantes.
Tags: menstruación, sangre, ciclo, cuerpa, nutrición, tierra, luna
tetrabrik Mixed Media
Una familia poco común Ver a la familia adoptada, recibirte con los brazos abiertos, otros no tanto, es lo que mejora mí felicidad.
WendyDamon Mixed Media