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Love Emits. I created this piece of Art gluing red paper over top of a sketch of a woman. I curled the paper to make it fancier/prettier. Each layer represents big and small amounts of love "emitting" off of someone. My wish for the next 150 years of Canada is represented in my Art; Beauty and Love may continue.
Tags: red, love, heart, beauty, beautiful, pretty, metaphor, paper, meaning, inspirational, fancy, care
RTISTry1234 Drawing, Pencil
RECYCLE Today in world everything is being recycled. Which is need for our survival, We need to think about this. But not recycle relationship
cdcindia Painting, Oil
Belonging a long process We Belong
YouthFirst Painting, Oil
Amistad Dos jóvenes compartiendo uno de sus mejores momentos como amigas, platicando sobre lo que les ha pasado durante el transcurso de día. Ellas son inseparables y confían en una a la otra en las buenas y las malas.
Tags: OYE, honduras, el progreso, amistad
oyehonduras Photography, Digitally Manipulated
MINHA AVENTURA Quero navegar pelos mares da vida.
Tags: pintura, mural, sonho
ElizabethCampos Photography, Colour
MINHA FAMÍLIA Muito feliz com a minha mãe e meu irmão. Lindos
Tags: mae, irmão, familia
ElizabethCampos Photography, Colour
MEU VIOLÃO Meu violão. Meu melhor confidente.
Tags: violão, musica, meu
ElizabethCampos Photography, Colour
Vaga Lume no mundo. Através da Vaga Lume podemos entrar em contato com o mundo e falar sobre ele.
VagaLume Drawing, Pencil
Sorry I drew hands holding for what we did to the First Nations. I also drew the hands for how sorry we are. I drew symbols for their traditions and what their young people lost. And now they can continue their way of learning.
tigteam Drawing, Pencil
Nature's Past My name is Eriz and I am 10 yeras old in grade 5. My artwork is about First Nation's past. In the dreamcatcher it shows scenes of how they hunt, camp fires, teepees, etc.
tigteam Drawing, Pastel