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Different way I want to show people my views on the world showing different topics from horror to motivation, because no one has the same feelings everyday and you would like to watch something different.(URGENT Inc. Intern)
Hvibes23 Mixed Media
"code" The meaning behind my film "code" is to give the viewers an idea of what I do throughout quarantine. The film gives a good representation of how I think whenever I am programming. Trying to figure out how I can manage my projects with such little space to work with doesn't stop me from getting things done. With the help of Urgent Inc. (where I'm...
Tags: "coding, programming, laptop, productive, quarantine"
CHernandez02 Mixed Media
Creative in Qurantine Hi I am Daniela. This video is about what inspired me and how I applied creativity in quarantine. I decided to expand my business by providng different and helpful content to my clients and viewers. Believe it or not, my clientele grew. I took my creativity to another level.
Tags: #selfquarantine, #quarantine, #isolation, #creativity, #globalgallary
day_nel Mixed Media
Basket Making Starting to make baskets for people to give as Holiday Gifts to someone special
Tags: basket, christmas, creative
wh3625 Mixed Media
The Bigger Picture I strongly believe that the biggest prison most live in is the fear of what others see them as, what others cognize about them. Some people question all the positive things they hear about anyone, yet we believe every single ‘ imperfect ’ thing without a single thought. The stark reality is that we are so glorified by the happiness of others...
Tags: beyourself, youarecomplete, youareenough, nooneisperfect, beproudofwhoyou, dontcompareyourself, dontchnageforanyone, behappy, beabetteryou, positivity, selfcare, selflove, happiness, justified, life, you, nooneelse, blog, writer
manyakhemka Mixed Media
Luna Interior Menstruación. Dejar fluir mi cuerpo con todo ello que me representa, que muestra salud. La menstruación, que demuestra como nos sentimos, desde nuestro segundo corazón. Mi útera. Que con suaves contracciones manda fluidos comunicando de mí. Que anuncia sobre el bienestar de cada uno de nuestros cuerpos menstruantes.
Tags: menstruación, sangre, ciclo, cuerpa, nutrición, tierra, luna
tetrabrik Mixed Media
La diversidad de cosas que disfrutar Cada persona es diferente. Cada persona tiene gustos diferentes. Todos aman algo distintos. Todos aman algo.
WendyDamon Mixed Media
La complejidad del significado para uno mismo La complejidad de la felicidad en uno mismo puede ser descontrolada
WendyDamon Mixed Media
Polluted environment VS Pollution free environment The drawing expresses differences between polluted environment where every place is polluted due to over population and advancement of technology which causes emission of green house gases and trees are cut down . On the other hand, pollution free environment where everything is clean, safe and natural beauty enhances. The climate is changing...
Razia Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Agriculture, Healthcare, Education and Social services. especially Dr
UNRO Cartoons