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Freedom of Speech Charcoal on Paper 2005 Daily charcoal drawing.
ToonDiepstraten Drawing, Charcoal
Leona Florentino: Poetess and Visionary This is a granite statue of my grandmother, Leona Florentino (1849-1884), of Vigan, Ilocos Sur in the Philippines. Acknowledged as the mother of Philippine women's literature, she was exiled from her hometown because of her poetry as her ilustrado (landlord class) parents frowned upon early forms of women's self-expression. She started to...
vsorayav Photography, Colour
LOUD & CLEAR! From time immemorial, the ability of speech as given man dominion over his environment. Sign languages, music, hieroglyphics, brails and of recent telecommunications brought about by modern electronic gadgetries has even broadened this scope. Though there is sound everywhere, only the positive hearted shall hear the voice of love loud and clear.
Murthy Painting, Watercolour
Power of Speech As a way of promoting equal right and freedom, right to speech should be given adequate consideration without any sence of inferiority complex as experienced during colonial era in Africa. When Africans were being wantonly punished for what they did not do. But now (in this present age) the whole world should embrace freedom of speech as a way...
waleadesokan03 Painting
Free Speech Zone I learned that latley when the PResident visists a state or city, that the people with pro Bush or Pro for Bush's policies could stay right in plain veiw of where President Bush could see them. However if someone has a anti bush sign or Anti policie sign ther person must go to a "Free Speech Zone." The "Free Speech Zone" was usually 3 miles...
astheashfalls Computer Graphics
Pen Battle Pen Battle It is a must in every society or community anywhere in the world that want to develop socially and economically to give maximum freedom to the press since it is the mouth piece for the citizens to hear their views to the government and the general public on all issues that concerns them. In some part of the world, most especially...
TAkinwande Drawing, Crayon
Le Mal autour de nous To me, this work represents the violation of human rights in our everyday lives, which is prevalent among all people of every race for example: a man exploiting a child (top left), a man beating a boy (bottom left), a lady abusing of her liberty (top middle), a woman who has been denied the right to family planning (top left), a man his been...
Seyram Painting, Watercolour
Expression To express yourself is one of the natural rights of a human being...But some people think that they can prevent other ones of expressing theirselves,which is one of the cruelest violations of human essential rights!!!
yarinos Cartoons
Hunger to be heard Freedom of Speech - A great irony of our time. ~ 2003 - Detained refugees in an Australian desert detention facility sew their mouths closed in a hunger strike to protest against apalling treatment and living conditions. ~ This is a virtually untouched BW image. No visual effects. My sister posed with sewing thread adhered with...
Jarra Photography, Black and White
The Wall of LOVE We always think that wall is a division or separation. Well, yes, in many cases it is. But sometimes it is important to fool around and think out of the box. Oops, in a moment wall becomes an expression of feeling, of which the most important one is love. There are many hearts with the expressions of love in different languages on this wall....
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sayora Photography, Colour