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writing on sand #1
c4chaos Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Twentysomething, still studying... writing paper... about Zizek... please listen: Jamie Cullum-twentysomething After years of expensive education, a car full of books and anticipation, I’m an expert on Shakespeare and that’s a hell of a lot but the world don't need scholars as much as I thought. Maybe I'll go travelling for a year, finding myself or start a...
Ceren Photography, Colour
Young hype williams We Have All Seen The Hype Williams, If You Have Not Then Watch The LL Cool J Video Feat J Lo The New One...I Tried To Create Something Similar
Krest9 3D Graphics
Power of Smile
debasmitaddg Computer Graphics
God? Capitalism...
Vrakitaz Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Beauty of a man There is an igbo saying that the beauty of a man is his money; "nma nwoke bu ego ya”. True or false, it depends on how you View it. But money sure does make a man More appealing and attracts women to him. In the eastern part of Nigeria, like wise In many parts of the world, women Beautify their bodies and faces with Patterns and motifs...
tushort Computer Graphics
NAKATA Photography, Black and White
Morocco-Ivory Coast As a media coordinator with the Moroccan team during the African Cup-Egypt 06', I was sad when Morocco lost 0-1 from Ivory Coast in the first game. The photo shows the score panel at the Cairo Stadium.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
BlueJays Vs. Yankees This image represents the mindset of the public in my view. There can be more storylines and issues in one game of baseball than in the world at a given time. One is more followed then the other.
Question Photography, Digitally Manipulated
mouse! ...
designstudio Computer Graphics