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Submissions (7)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Unity By: The_Amanda
JoAnneT Photography, Colour
global unity by:
JoAnneT Cartoons
Be the Change A poster depicting the true Gandhian philosophy.
jamal Computer Graphics
Different Dimensions of the World Created by students ages 15-16 at Iloilo National High School in Ililo City, Philippines. Winner, Global Youth Murals Project 2007.
PTPIGYM Painting
Global Aware I came upon this collection when I was visiting the black market (an underground market that is located in Queen St.). I really loved it and had a chance to speak to the photographer. He gave me his blessing to add these shots to TIG. Check it out and make a difference at
globalaids2006 Photography, Colour
Digital Youth Culture
cherrie Mixed Media
Peace in Our Hands Created by students age 14 years old at School No. 10 in Andijan, Uzbekistan.
PTPIGYM Painting