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Unity in Diversity!!! Unity in Diversity is a testimony to the most noble possibilities in the human race. We live in a world filled with a wondrous diversity of experiences, opinions, physical appearance, cultures, religion, etc. One of the challenges of this age is not only to find a way to live in harmony with people who differ from us, but to celebrate the...
ritumathur Photography, Colour
The Face of France This is about a racial discrimination faced by the minority in France.
Bayou Mixed Media
Embrace Embrace. Love each other. We are all one, living so far apart. Come together, and understand. Help and begin to become human, apart of the one race. Embrace.
Aarthy Photography, Black and White
The Arab Culture Even within this one arab culture, there are a lot of differencies, a lot of faces... If only we got to understand those differencies, and see their beauty... We'd have a strong entity, and forget about our quarrels...
yarinos Cartoons
Life and Landscape Life and landscape are consumed by rice in this Yao minority village nestled within the 500-year-old terraced peaks and valleys of Longji in southeast China. Residents care for fields both close and distant and their community is largely self-sustaining, the nearest road to the nearest town miles away. Photograph taken with a Canon Powershot S50...
dlc4d13 Photography, Colour
CHOY WITH PHILIPPPINE VICE PRESIDENT GUINGONA Former Senator Teofisto Guingona caps his stellar career in government service with his appointment as Vice President by Pres. Macapagal-Arroyo from a star-studded shortlist of nominees. In addition, he was judiciously appointed as concurrent Secretary of Foreign Affairs. The first to strike the death gongs of corruption in high places which...
choyg8 Photography, Colour