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Submissions (3)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Religion Solidarity This is a painting from a young Moroccan boy in a village in the middle of nowhere near Ouarzazate. I met the boy in an action project during the 2nd WYC. It demonstrates the peaceful cooxistense of three different religions. It is a wish for the future.
Carolos Photography, Colour
Prayer To pray is to have faith in ourselves and to have faith in God. To pray is not to kneel but to rise. To pray is to love. To pray is to live. And to pray is to see that we are all One.
Shoma Drawing, Pastel
His Touch This painting has a more religious tone. I wanted to show the link between Heaven and Earth, God and Man. The touch of God is sought out by Man, His touch is His approval. This painting embodies those qualities. And I think it is a positive light shed on religion in a time of hardship.
Purplepalette04 Mixed Media