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Submissions (13)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Coco A kind of coconut tree in Madagascar.
miorarr Photography, Colour
Animal Life
arq Photography, Colour
Dolphins This is my first time to see dolphins up close in open sea. They're quite shy creatures. I hope we see our animals more in our oceans than in theme parks.
sandygaspay Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Save animals. We should save animals. Animals are our friends.
Xilola Painting
Hunter. In the hunter's world anything happens anytime, the day without hunting means the animals rejoicing, and the hunter angry; it is a hobby that takes root in the people of Africa and the world, hunters goes about searching, it is not over until it is over, the day is red and the wonderful animals that woke up may not see the next day if meet with...
ekwuruke Computer Graphics
Animal Theme Animal Theme
msherif Computer Graphics
Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom tell us how the beautiful animals gather together as one and started a Kingdom. This piece of art narrate how they ruling themselves and the king of the kingdom is Chief Lion while Elder Cow is Assistance of the King and the others have there own post to asign. Also they rule themselve well no evil mind with others and Master...
femlad Painting
Buffalo family The piece shows that Buffalos usually walk alone. Their enemies are the lions only. They are pleasant to other animals and birds.They like drinking water as well as living in the jungel.
sadatedriss Sculpture
Vaqueria-The FEsten Brave! Retos_ La fiesta brava, es Campeche, igual una ciudad donde la influencia española ha sido adoptada , siendo ya la fiesta brava o de toros una forma de expresion y valentia de los toreros que participan en las muy diversas ferias, ultimamente se ha logrado erradicar viejas practicas de maltrato alos animales.***is a art with spain influence,...
freddy Photography, Digitally Manipulated
eagle warrior This is an eagle warrior. This kind of warriors were common in ancient Mexico, where warrior disguised as their most admired animals in order to get their special abilities, in this case, the exceptional sight, strength and speed of an eagle. The picture was taken in Cancun, one of the msot beautiful beaches in Mexico.
vnegra Photography, Colour