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Beyond the Food you eat... Although food is the most important lively resource to people, a little reflective social and environmental approach should be brought to the way we consume it in order to figure out who or what it affects and how. Because, as a matter of fact when one eats, it can make himself satisfied or not, or make others happy or unhappy, bearing in mind...
tigsoum Mixed Media
China Town, NY Fish Market
Alycia Photography, Colour
Mexican Seller - vendedora mexicana She´s a mexican seller in the peninsula oy yucatan, seller fruits an vegetables, part our cultur and so foods for every days in the market of the town.
freddy Photography, Colour
Lucy Hunter Like a conquerer of a great World,a person who strains less to get what to eat finds life soft and can afford a bigger smile unlike one who goes through hell in order to get what to eat.
pssendagire Print
Welcome back home Food is a spring of joy and happiness.Many a times,a warm welcome is awarded to a person who comes home with something to activate our stomachs.This warm welcome is an expression of inner felt joy and happiness.
pssendagire Print
He catches fish-that's his occupation This work shows a person fishing.Many people all over the World do earn their living by engaging in the search,for food to sell to other people.Therefore,food is a great source of employment and has helped many countries reduce on the levels of unemployment.
pssendagire Print
Tea Time Tea time is when the entire family sits together and relaxes after a long day. Long discussions take place and there is a feel of unity around the table. Usually when we pour tea we arrange the mugs in a circle, and though each person in the family is unique and has his or her own mug and favorite tea, we are all part of the same circle and...
evamoon Photography, Black and White