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Submissions (248)

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We Play A little girl's smile.
elmoreart Mixed Media
Kids Where the kids play, well it is not that dull as in no one ever comes here and play... its just that i snapped it during school hours. And yes by law all kids have to attend school for at least 6 years, if unable to do so, parents will face a penalty. as for children from a less earned income family, education are subsidise or at times,...
SweETevIL Photography, Colour
JURI Photography, Colour
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Well, this is my town, well atleast the downtown. Milwaukee, its kinda a strange name, don't you think? Ok, the tallest building in the picture is the US Bank Building which is also the tallest building in Wisconsin (and no, its not very tall compared to skyscrapers in Chicago or New York City, not even close). On the right side, you can see 2...
youthforchange Photography, Colour
Gate To Heaven One of the Dali's old gates. Yunnan, China - July 2005
adiab Photography, Colour
It's The Blind Occordion Man In a public park in Kunming, China - July 2005
adiab Photography, Colour
Istanbul, the marvel of the Orient The drawing depicts a genuine view of Istanbul from a Greek church, showing the age-old Galata Tower and the infamous and glorious SultanAhmet Mosque. I love Istanbul, because the city evokes inexplicable thoughts of spiritual nature-somewhere in the borderline of melancholy (huzun) and elation. It is a city that is enshrouded with the grey...
Shahram1 Drawing, Crayon
the movie's hero the heroes from movie so real as in our life, and some of them are close to us by spirit
abadanjm Drawing, Pencil
the birds the people always deired to fly as a bird. Cause it exciting.
abadanjm Drawing, Pencil
Unlock the future Unlock the future opportunities by our talent.
rahulmathur Photography, Colour