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AIDS has a Face. This is a representation of a t-shirt design I created for the 2006 AIDS Conference “Fashioning Change” fashion show with YouthCARE Canada. Africa is crying. She is crying because she is sick and tired of falling victim to the extreme debt, numerous deaths and the dogmatic authority who abuse their power. Simply, this graphic speaks the truth:...
JessicaK Computer Graphics
HIV/AIDS ! The world have humans like virus, creating from the unknown that which will destroy the planet, polluting our blood and making the planet fade away...the unknown that claims to beep a light the end of the tunnel is undefined, dark like the beginning itself. In the end, we are not different from the virus and the syndrome. Our only hope is...
pscornerstone Computer Graphics
At Heart Everyone has something in their heart of hearts. Maybe it's HIV/AIDS?! Young HIV carriers shouldn't be isolated. They can take action together with other youth to change the world for better! У каждого есть что-то на сердце. Может быть, это ВИЧ/СПИД?! Молодые носители ВИЧ не должны оставаться в изоляции. Они могут действовать вместе с другими и...
Roness Computer Graphics
Heads Together for AIDS I have already informed my community that unless we put heads together as in this artistic picture, we would be solving and fighting a defeated fight in the face of AIDS. It is an hour for collaboration, every body has a role to play in the fight against AIDs and we refuse to commit ourselves. Henry says, we need your head here.
ekwuruke 3D Graphics
Africa & Aids It violently attacks the black suffocates it,violates it..
yarinos Cartoons
Internal Human Displacement, affecting children. The artwork is done by Justus Njoroge 27 years a Salvage Youth Potential Development resource member,about street children.They live and feed on gabbage. Children are subjected to such by poverty, poor family ties,social deprivation, and lack of concern and bylaws protecting child welfare. They sleep outdoors on old tyres and plastic...
Mulei Drawing, Pastel