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Burka Many marriage aged women in Afghanistan wear Burkas. Only in the larger cities will you see some women not wearing Burkas. I asked my Afghan interpreter why women were required to wear burkas and he responded because it helps prevent men from being tempted into coveting other men's wives.
epiphyte Photography, Black and White
Geisha This is about a life of a geisha. Because of the war and Chou-Chou san, many people are under the perception that geisha's are just used for sexual pleasures and desires but in reality, they are really devoted to their profession that is very interesting. The geisha's start when they are young girls and learn the trade of makeup, dance, tea...
baeshin994 Painting
empowerment This photograph for me is a symbol of empowerment. The growing gender disparities lead to ‘gendered’ development processes and outcomes, which in turn contribute to perpetuation of poverty and discrimination and impede the achievement of goals of sustainable human development. Without an emphasis on empowerment of women to fight the structural...
jamal Photography, Digitally Manipulated
NEW ORLEANS 1933 This is a wedding portrait for a voodooine marriage in New Orleans circa 1933. The jewelry they are wearing is a collage made of jewel scarabs. With gold leaf and collage incorporated, organic leaves inlaid in dress. Contact artist at
3delilahs Painting