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AIDS Doesn't Kill, TB Kills! HIV/AIDS does not kill, tuberculosis kills. It is a matter of human disability, a state of the mind, the inability of humanity to confront a disability that confronts it. A world that allows for ability and disability. Testing and knowing makes the difference. Tuberculosis kills as much as HIV/AIDS. It is a disability.
ekwuruke 3D Graphics
I am As Human as You Are Respect not pity, dignity not mercy, acceptance not discrimination: because I am as human as you are.
jamal Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Lost Hope? Rest on the Cross Disability, like any of our other struggles, is life's way of showing our dependence. When everything seems too BIG, fear not. When everything seems too HARD, worry not. For where our skills, talents, resources and knowledge ends, HIS mercy begins. A cripple resting on a cross is my image of life, a life of disability and a life of dependence. I...
RestyFlores Computer Graphics
Love - Passion Disability has been one of the unfortunate plagues hampering normal life and dreams of African People. The disabled have been denied attention for so long and need to be treated with absolute LOVE AND PASSION as love-making in a warm KENTE. Africans love and cherish kente, and acquire it with passion because its symbolises our cultural...
blackus Computer Graphics
Nature is Not Out of Disability, Need More Attention and Care Picture has taken from Manikganj highway, Bangladesh.
green Photography, Colour
Differentiation This shows the feeling of isolation which is always with your disability. Sometimes solitude is required while you shout 'Why me?' and then you get up and go and join you friends.
efilevoli Markers