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Submissions (33)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
1000s of hopes.... in eyes Group of rural women waiting for distribution, in flood affected areas of Sindh Province in Pakistan
Shahnawaz Photography, Colour
Promote Gender Equity The Art work was produced in Oria Abraka community in Ethiope East Local Government of Delta State Nigeria During the cause of a breakthrough initiative by Life Builders Team of Stay Alive Organization. The work was done to empower young people and as at today they youths are already producing and selling this nature of works to earn a living...
bomely Mixed Media
Meeting of senior Women and men About CIC formation! Meeting conducted among the local community of Pokhari chour-Mayatari before deciding whether to establish community information center (CICs) in school or not. Nepal Rural Information Technology Development Society(NRIDS) advocates the importance of ICT and felicitate the villagers to establish CICs. This inititive carried out by NRIDS with the...
sudiparyal Photography, Colour
We will be back.. تمثل هذه الصورة سيدة مسنة فلسطينية ما زالت تحلم بالعودة إلى القرية بالرغم من مرور أربعين عاماً على نكبة حزيران. تجسد الصورة معاناة الشعب الفلسطيني تجاه نكبة حزيران Palestanian Women Dreaming "we will back to on one day" to palestain. The photo explain the situation of palestaina people after the war 1967.
suad Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Re-creation “Re-creation” is a video installation concerning spiritual and physical aspect of human being. It refers to many different human needs, especially women ones. There are black fur forms hanging from the ceiling, situated in a small dark space. They are representation of erotic needs and physical world and define a contrast to video...
justyna1 Mixed Media
Goal 3: Promote Gender Equality Created by Alex, Marwa, and Souad.
thesweatervest Painting
Trees for change, trees unburden women ! The 2 pictures of women carrying firewood were taken in Machakos, they have walked quite a long distance just to fetch firewood. If only they had planted enough trees in their homesteads, they could not be carrying this burden. The other pictures of women harvesting were taken in Central province-Nyeri Kenya. Trees unburden women !
daateku Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Unemployment (Women's clothing) Unemployment in Afghanistan is around 35%, according to the government. To help the most vulnerable in the country get back on their feet, aid organizations are providing skills training and small business start-up programmes, like this co-operative which makes women's clothing in the eastern city of Jalalabad. What do you do thin long more...
enayatyama Photography, Colour
Stop Discrimination Against Women The education and empowerment of women is a critical tool for poverty reduction and development. Women must be given a voice and a place at the political table over things that affect thier lives.
aimarshall4u Photography, Colour
Female Exploitation We think this picture is both a cause and an act of violence. We took this picture because we thought that, if we added the proper message, there wouldnt be as muchexploitation done to women.
juvenilechild Photography, Digitally Manipulated