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Submissions (11)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Third world country, hardworking student A village student utilizing limited resources for getting education.
yahya842 Photography, Colour
Afghanistan Government School. This is a government school in Afghanistan.Students do not have access to healthy learning environment.
yahya842 Photography, Colour
Free Education for all Artist(s): Divya Prabhani Organization: Shilpa Sayura Foundation Description: Free Education for All. Can it be a reality? Youth express the need for education by poor.
ayv Photography, Colour
girlesau Mixed Media
Treachery in exams! Inside the examination room: The teacher to the students: Beware! the Ministry of Education is tightening on treachery this year; I'll tell you the answers of the first 15 questions only!
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Education on the Margins In 2003, I was attending the University of Saskatchewan. During exam week, a male student smashed his fist through a wire-reinforced window outside my calculus classroom. Violence against himself, violence against the school, violence against his grades, and/or violence against innumerable other situations that we'll never understand. I took...
matthuebert Photography, Colour
Windows of the World Emily Harrison, age 18, Ladysmith Secondary School, British Columbia Windows of the World I decided to portry our world as seen through the classroom. Each square represents different parts of the earth: Canada, the Middle East, Aftrca and South America. Within each square lies a window portraying classroom surroundings that could be...
Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Differences Between Education in Africa and Canada
Mixed Media
Think Locally, Act Globally <b>Appraisal</b> Education, western or,and indegineous remains the strong tool to freedom of humanity it spans through ages like a sage's footprints as the mark of time from hieroglyph on scrolls to sight and sound on digital renditons the world is free and the entire humanity liberated from the hinges oppressions and depressions...
adisart Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Untitled3 These photos depict the work Leben und Lernen in Kenia (Live and Learn in Kenya) and LDK are doing at the Virginia M. Buena Memorial Center for the Needy in the heart of the Rhonda slums in Nakuru. The Rhonda slums has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in Nakuru. We cater to the children's primary needs: food, water, health, and education.
Brique Photography, Colour