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Submissions (7)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Language as Violence - Media It has been observed that the more one is exposed to violent media especially children they tend to make it part of their behaviour. Media therefore, by extension is a language presenting violence.
Bwire Drawing, Pencil
Language as Violence - Child soldiers In African civil wars rebel leaders have been known to use children to fight for their cause. These children end up to be violent individuals in their adult lifes if no proper rehabilitation is done for them.
Ayaga Drawing, Pencil
Language as Violence - Drugy The tendency to abuse drugs is related to hostile, defiant behaviours which are a result of poor parental supervision especially in troubled homes.
Ayaga Drawing, Pencil
Violence and the Youth The painting depicts the anger prevalent in youth, due to the mutilation of ideals in society and the isolation of an individual. Media fuels it further by publishing views, events and pictures of undue success, standards and disturbance. Due to this cynicism, jealousy and skepticism increases among youth that gives birth to a kind of violence...
ramanbhardwaj Mixed Media
A Language of Violence Wrestling became the ultimate method of behaving with each other...the only link between human being in a world with such a violent culture, with a language of violence... so why don't we try to change such a culture?
yarinos Cartoons
A Culture of Violence To be different is to be evil, odd, the enemy... I might be speaking another language,having another culture, religion, or belonging to another ethnic group but does that make me ugly, evil? And unfortunately, some streams of ideas are promoting such a culture of violence and intolerance - like Huntington and Fukoyama, who believe that wars,...
yarinos Cartoons
StreetFight often violence is a normal part of living life on the street. with no money and no home, one must fight to survive.
pebbles Photography, Digitally Manipulated