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Submissions (9)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
4,600 years anniversary of statues of Rahotep and Nofret (2596 a.C.) Meydum Mastaba Temple of Ptah - Memphis
luizpagano Painting, Acrylic
Rights & Bytes The photo was captured when i was on field in flood affected areas of Sindh(pakistan) a girl was eating donated food.
Shahnawaz Photography, Colour
looking for food a man searching for butteles of liquide in a garbege can on the main street of jerusalem at night.
ilia307 Photography, Colour
Polluted Plantations The environment including the soil, the water sources have been drastically polluted by the pest, chemical for plants to grow faster, fruitful and all year round, which it supposes to not be, and animals are polluted, too. The natural ecosystem circle is disturbed. This is the result of the human eating habit. Stop eating processed food; start...
Yinmin Photography, Colour
"Virtual Worlds" v2 "My imagery has become increasingly non-objective with no recognisable subject matter, the subject being the imagery itself. Non-objective art explores the potential of abstraction, the shape, depth, colours, tones, lines and texture, but does not try to pin down a subject. This lets the viewer respond emotionally to the piece. My vocabulary of...
pcooklin Computer Graphics
Belt N Skirt Medium: Digital Graphic Size: 180 x 251 pixels I love designing fashions and this is one of my many designs.
heidz86 Computer Graphics
Karis Photography, Colour
Winter Candle Lighted Candle standing near <br /> the frozen window... <br /> Symbol of a Jew knocking on the <br /> world. . <br /> Light of Faith. <br /> Light of...
Igor Painting, Oil
Famine Drawn from a special edition of LIFE magazine that highlighted the magazine's history-making photographs. In the photo, this young girl was tugging on her brother's clothes, begging for food.
Mera Drawing, Pencil