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Why Buy It?! This painting shows that some brands use child labourers to create the products. Under the shoe is a child labourer. I found that six brands use child labour.
racheltaylor Painting
Elimnate the Worst form of child labour this child is a rag picker he collets a plastic botels for heare and theres from garbiges and markeets,he also colect the cards ,papers,bones,sringes,metels,glass and other things this child and others are same kindes of childrens are in haezords condation.
arq Photography, Colour
Stop Child labour Stope child labour To do something to stope the child labour need to made polocy to stop child labour
arq Painting, Watercolour
STOP CHILD LABOUR!!!!!!!! Children are the future of a country. Let them shine and glow. Let them taste the fruit of education and stop child labour...
ritumathur Photography, Colour
Language as Violence - Child Labour How do we relate child labour to violence? The mere fact in using a child to do adult work is a violation of the Childs right and many of them are beaten for not working to the expectation. In Kenya most children working as maids have been assaulted.
Ayaga Drawing, Crayon
Girl selling kvas Child labour
marusiabazanova Photography, Colour
Winter Candle Lighted Candle standing near <br /> the frozen window... <br /> Symbol of a Jew knocking on the <br /> world. . <br /> Light of Faith. <br /> Light of...
Igor Painting, Oil
adele Photography, Colour
divas2000 Painting, Watercolour