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Spirit protection Spirit protection. One white bird rises representing the restoration of health. The other bird is on the ground embracing the Native American Man in the picture. The faces of wise ancestors are in the sky watching over. The loyalty of their love is at work here. The bird that is rising is a powerful spirit guide who is able to enter the web...
clarita Mixed Media
soul eclipse Our actions are manipulated by our mind, and in order for us to act properly, we must feed our mind with knowledge and diverse experiences, only then will we be conscious about our own identity.
paolat Ink, Pen
Mental Anguish
ChibiMelody Photography, Digitally Manipulated
When the Mind and Heart Disagrees
coco6t2a Painting, Acrylic
Thought Diversion A very empathetic drawing for me that took over a week to do and allowed plenty of opportunity for thought. A friend of mine going through a particularly hard time with mental health at the moment, this was one of the ways I was able to imagine or try to understand how she must be feeling.
kenny22 Drawing, Pastel
Broken smile Visualising mental health issues such as depression and the lonely paths that it can reveal.
chrisgoodwin Photography, Digitally Manipulated
moi its hard to explain a fragile mind, but its just me, try to look into my eyes, you'll find its too dark to see/ my mind states messed, and i can't see i'm blessed/ blinded, and my soul is gone, i can't find it
Brakefield Computer Graphics
Antoher World Size 20 X 28. Painted with acrylic and tempera mixed. This is a painting of a new world where good and evil still affects the mind of the innocenese.
Ty147 Painting, Acrylic