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Submissions (5)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Si-tong liu---Mother's ballet skirt Gave my mother a beautiful dance dress, and I wish mom a happy holiday.
JiaHuang Mixed Media
Si-tong liu----Cleopatra With beauty and wisdom. Have a dream. Efforts to achieve.
JiaHuang Drawing, Crayon
The earth is the apple of our eyes---Julie Julie didn't have camera, so She took the drawing to school on Mon. It's out of due time she knew it, but she treasured the experience of catching due time on New Year Eve--- before Cinderella time.
Cindea Painting
Global Warming 20x30" acrlic Painting
Tags: ---
renubaheti Painting, Oil
Who are you? --- Australia's Native Bird Picture was taken by the Gold Coast Dam... the native bird of Australia... the expression of the bird focused on "who are you?"
CassHunter Photography, Colour