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Duha -summer 2010
Delwara, India 2010 Three friends and I went to a village near Udaipur in India. We gave a creative lesson to students aged 3-18 over a three week period. The classes involved sewing, woodworking, painting and drawing.
Historic Tornado Hit NYC Fall 2010
Global Youth Murals, 2010 Project For guidelines to participate in this annual art contest, contact Visit to learn more about what PTPI is doing to promote Peace through Understanding.
Canada World Youth Learning Forum October 2010, Montreal, QC TIG attended the Canada World Youth Forum and we had a great and enriching experience! Youth from around the world congregated to discuss how organizations serving youth could better integrate and include youth. This included identifying barriers and creating solutions to access to resources, bridging the gap between youth and engagement, and...
Deepwater Horizon: 2010 Oil Spill Approximately 126.3 million barrels of oil have leaked into our oceans. What does the British Petroleum oil spill mean to you? Does it make you Angry? Sad? Hurt? Worried? Paint, sketch, take photos, illustrate, design, sculpt, or use any other medium to portray the oil spill through your eyes. Add your opinion to the discussion on this issue...

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Stuck Nuit Blanche 2010
Tags: nuit blanche, 2010
kristlect Photography, Colour
kosinyako Photography, Colour
Movember 2010 Since I can't grow my own, this seemed like the next best thing. Happy Movember!
AndreaPlant Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Light for Right 2010 For WAD 2010.
Tags: salin, akinbo, gyca, nigeria
pscornerstone Photography, Digitally Manipulated
CSMC_YF_Surulere_2010_MDGS.wmv The pledge been taken in one of many vigils across three (3) states by the Youth Fellowship and led by of the District Cordinator of Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church (Ayo Ni O) in Nigeria. The Church has come to terms that HIV/AIDS must be treated as an Health Issue rather than a spiritual subject. However, the policy to combat is still...
Tags: cherubim, seraphim, movement, church, ayo ni o, nigeria, akinbo, salin, mdgs, lagos, ogun, oyo live music spirituality, gyca nigeria
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
yinyang - 2010 Both yin and yang cannot exist without each other or stand alone. They depend on each other for definition and can only be measured by comparing themselves to each other. They achieve a state of balance by mutual control and inhibition. The balance is neither static nor absolute, but is maintained within certain limits. When one aspect goes to...
Tags: yin, yang, naked, yoga, urdhva dhanurasana, sacred geometry, twins, circle
Karmym Painting, Acrylic
Agentes Jovens e Professores no 1º Encontro do Projeto Jovem de Futuro 2010 1º Encontro do Projeto Jovem de Futuro 2010
Tags: instituto unibanco
robsonvieira Photography, Colour
2010 resolution oil on wood
gaston1 Painting, Oil
The Cyber SIxties '2010' Cyber Guru from the Planet Earth at a virtual peace concert!
clarita Mixed Media
Egypt 2010 Logo Unfortunately, Egypt did not receive a single vote in the FIFA referendum for choosing the country who will host the world cup in 2010......however; this was a trial for "Egypt 2010" Mascot!
aymanelhakea Cartoons