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Spring in Quarantine I created this piece towards the beginning of the quarantine. It was March or April, so springtime, and like everyone, I felt like I was looking out into the world but couldn't reach it. I thought of the scene in Alice in Wonderland where she's in the room but can' get out through the tiny door. She looks out the keyhole and sees a beautiful...
Tags: COVID, environment, nature, earth, green, art
corasage05 Painting, Acrylic
To know just how alone you really are. The inspiration behind this piece stems from the loneliness we experience during our lives, and how the quarantine has accentuated this aloneness. We tend to mask our loneliness in many stages of our lives, however, this year we were forced to face it, in the most unvarnished way. This mask has been made from a collection of leaves and it is...
Samu13 Photography, Colour
CONFIDENCE I am a Urgent In. Confidence is a short film that shines a light on our insecurities and how we need to hear what we need to hear and not what we want to hear. Once someone find the confidence in themselves and not from others. You can see a change in them.
Tags: hope, COVID, close, love, SOCIAL DISTANCES
SabrinaAnelus Photography, Colour
Covid19 Hello I am Aryan Ashory a girl who is 16 years old from Ghazni province of Afghanistan. I an living together with my family in one refugee camp. That's years that our live is surrounded with uncertainty of shelter. Becoming a refugee was not an option in my hand to be homeless. During these years I have done many activities by the way that we...
Tags: #refugeegirl, refugee
aryanashory Photography, Colour