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Agents of Awesome A presentation discussing Autism Spectrum Disorder: what it is and one example of associated sensory behaviours and behaviour modifications, the increasing prevalence around the world and the impact of inequities due to the social determinants of health.
Agents of Change in a Global World Images posted in this collection were prepared by students at York University Faculty of health taking part in the Agents of Change in a Global World course.
Action Agent: Jodi Salmond's DFA Gallery
Action Agent: Gauthier's DFA Gallery
Action Agent: Emmie Willis DFA Gallery
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TOP 50 Action Agent: Amelia Swan's DFA Gallery

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Kia Bicknell, Project Borneo, deforestACTION agent!! :) Please help me save the Orang-utans ! make a difference !
Tags: kia bicknells movie, kia bicknell, project borneo, education, environment, orang-utans, deforestation, 3d action movie, tig, make a difference, orangutan sanctuary
Keyzie91 Mixed Media
Agentes Jovens e Professores no 1º Encontro do Projeto Jovem de Futuro 2010 1º Encontro do Projeto Jovem de Futuro 2010
Tags: instituto unibanco
robsonvieira Photography, Colour
Magenta, Cyan This is in my aunt's backyard porch. Behind the flowers is a swimming pool. Looks like it's digital colouring doesn't it?
leapinGazelle Photography, Colour
Pretty Magenta Just flowers you'd see every day, just composed in a photograph.
leapinGazelle Photography, Colour
The Special Agent
greyghost Painting
JURI Collage