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Rocky Canada My artwork is supposed to be the Rocky Mountains. I drew the mountains because every year around September/October my sister, mom, grandma and I go to Japer National Park, also because the Rocky's are well known throughout Canada. We travel to the mountains because we take a break from boys and the city craziness. Stars over the mountain are the...
Tags: jasper, trees, park, mountains, canada, nunavut, alberta
PyariA Drawing, Crayon
Anna, de St Albert, Alberta (?)
Bonhomme Photography, Colour
Alberta-Sri Lanka 2002-03 Group photo We wanted to photograph our group in a natural environment where it is conducive to spontaneity and reflectiveness...
Bonhomme Photography, Colour
Welcome to Alberta Taken years prior to the other photos, this shot is from a trip through Alberta. There is no questioning the majesty of the Rockies.
Karis Photography, Colour