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Rocky Canada My artwork is supposed to be the Rocky Mountains. I drew the mountains because every year around September/October my sister, mom, grandma and I go to Japer National Park, also because the Rocky's are well known throughout Canada. We travel to the mountains because we take a break from boys and the city craziness. Stars over the mountain are the...
Tags: jasper, trees, park, mountains, canada, nunavut, alberta
PyariA Drawing, Crayon
Alberta-Sri Lanka 2002-03 Group photo We wanted to photograph our group in a natural environment where it is conducive to spontaneity and reflectiveness...
Bonhomme Photography, Colour
Anna, de St Albert, Alberta (?)
Bonhomme Photography, Colour
Welcome to Alberta Taken years prior to the other photos, this shot is from a trip through Alberta. There is no questioning the majesty of the Rockies.
Karis Photography, Colour