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Val di Rosa - Pink Valley Val di Rosa - Pink Valley , Caparol, 12,6x23,2 inch, 1991, 310 Euro.
Tags: village tenements, churches, fields, val di rosa - pink valley, realisme, italy, landscape, caparol
heiste Painting, Acrylic
Shubert Alley -- Playbills
dfox Print
Lee Valley in London Lee Valley Regional Park stretches an 26 miles along the leafy banks of the River Lee, from Ware in Hertfordshire, through Essex, to the Thames at East India Dock Basin. Regional sports centres, urban green spaces, heritage sites, country parks, farms and nature reserves provide a unique leisure experience for everyone. you can do...
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour
Doves in the Shadows The love between individuals is often hidden because of the narrow minded views about how love and sexuality is supposed to be expressed. Two girls kiss each other in the shadows of an alley, afraid of doing so in a public area given the number of people that chastise them daily.
Tags: homosexual, love, secrecy, alley, girls, kiss
desbaker Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Cultural Diversity ! Diversité culturelle ! (Shad Valley 2007) Cultural diversity means the cultural differences that exist between people, such as language, origin, dress and traditions and the organization of societies. This photo was taken during the Shad Valley 2007 Program (, a four week summer enrichment program, at Carleton University. My participation in this program allowed to...
yassirovich Photography, Colour
Malach Valley
arq Photography, Colour
Simi Valley Mountains These are the Simi Valley Mountains
kranikh Photography, Colour
Simi Valley Lake This is a small man made lake located in the Simi Valley Park.
kranikh Photography, Colour
Hazara Valley
arq Photography, Colour
Malach Valley
arq Photography, Colour