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Ties to the Bahamas
Namastee !!!!!
MahaManas (MahaAnand)
Youth Drama Images captured on Youth Drama Competition 2011 - Kandy, Sri Lanka
Russia: Fantasy Studio, Samara Муниципальное образовательное учреждение дополнительного образования детей Центр детского творчества «Радуга» Нефтегорского района Самарской области направляет для участия в конкурсе художественных работ «Россия глазами молодежи» следующие работы воспитанников студии изобразительного искусства «Фантазия» (руководитель Дьяконова Светлана...
Obama Art The Obama Art exhibit is a collection of the pictures I have made of Obama.
Tillo qore Madrasa Samarkand! This Samarkand erleben DONT Uzbekistan, REGISTAN.

Submissions (222)

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Egypt komhamada Albihura science academy I want to deliver a message to the world to save our planet
globalgallery Drawing, Pastel
Egypt komhamada Albihura science academy I want to convey a message to the world that the earth is screaming because of the pollution that is happening. It has begun to speak, but in its own language
globalgallery Drawing, Pastel
Drama Over Zoom I didn´t know I would be able to sing a special song to my mom on Mothers Day and also it was so much fun to dance together. I love my musical theatre lessons and the creativity they show us to inspire us and to make us enjoy life with simplicity and joy.
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Online Drama I have the best time during my drama online classes, where I explore my creativity in many ways, and where I find the time to relax and enjoy live
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Pacha Mama Mother Earth takes care of us
Tags: carving, wood, earth
CarlosChiu Sculpture
Pertencimento de amar Amar é pertencer à diferentes lugares, coisas e pessoas.
Tags: união, amar, diversidade
VagaLume Drawing, Pastel
Gr.7 Tosorontio - Belonging in Gutamala Video created by grade 7 students who participated in the 2016 #SCDSB Film Festival
SCDSB Mixed Media
Gr.7 Tosorontio - Belonging in Gutamala Video created by students who participated in the 2016 #SCDSB Film Festival
JMatthews24 Mixed Media
INOCÊNCIA MANCHADA - DAMAGED INNOCENCE This piece was created as part of the AYV Geo Lead Program in Rio. Criança chorando por causa das coisas com as quais ela tem que lidar na sua rotina. Também ilustrado está como ela lida com essa dor. Child crying because of what he has to face daily. This image also illustrates how he deals with the pain.
ayv Mixed Media
Kamaole Beach Sunset This photo was taken at the shore of a beach park in Maui.
Tags: kamaole beach park, hawaii, maui, sunset, silhouette, beach, beautiful, clouds, sand, water, shore, sun
sophallyssa Photography, Colour