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Developing Connections, Competencies, and Creativity
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The S.O.S. for life and climate change protection The collection about art S.O.S. for the life and protection of climate change, it presents the art of students and groups of the faculty of Early Childhood Education at the Marta Abreu University of Las Villas in Cuba.
Climate Change and Cities - Youth Art CALL FOR ART Join youth from across the planet in envisioning climate friendly cities by sharing your artistic perspective of the city you would want to live. Contribute your vision along with students from across the planet as they share artistic opinion on climate change and civic engagement for the Intergovernmental Panel on...
Beautiful Faces and before & after results Sculpted Contours specializes in body contour transformation focusing on Fat Reduction, Skin Lifting & Tightening, Facial Rejuvenation, and Reduction of Cellulite and Crepey Skin. We’ve chosen only FDA cleared procedures and technology to give you the best results. This is important because it means the procedures are medically proven for...
The Renewable Energy,Waste Management,and Character building Student The program to issue to Suistainable world with: 1.The Renewable Energy 2.Waste Management 3.Character building Student
Island Peak Climbing Our Island Peak trip is a special trek which combines an ascent of Island Peak with a visit to the famous lakes of the Gokyo valley. We start from Lukla and trek slowly up the Dudh Kosi valley. After a few days we branch off to Gokyo, and after climbing Gokyo Ri for fantastic views of Cho Oyu and Everest we cross the Cho La and Mt Everest base...
Panhandle Equine Rescue Photography A collection of photos I have taken of equines that have been rescued from abuse and neglect by the Panhandle Equine Rescue of northwest Florida.
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Our Team and Mentors
Our Working Frames and Flow
Six Months 6 Weeks industrial training in Chandigarh DevelopTech is a software development company and provides Six months 6 weeks industrial training in C, C++, Data-Structure, Java, .NET, PHP, Android, iOS information DevelopTech SCO 80-81-82, 2nd Floor, Sector 34A (160022), Chandigarh (UT), India. Phone: 0172-5049007 / 107 Mobile: +91 9780131210 +91 8556941015 E-mail:...
Security Housekeeping Technical Staff Services in Chandigarh Ranger Services have expertise in various services such as Security Analysis for Organizations, Guarding, Household Services, Hospitality Services, Event Management, Contract labour services & Others staffing solution. information #PLOT No - 40, Kamla market, Phase-1,Mohali (P.B) - 160055 +91 8699299911, 9816461001
Love, Emotion, and Perception What is felt; what is loved; perception in terms of of light and hue.
Long Island Advertising Agency The agencies like Long Island advertising agency , Long Island web development , Long Island ad agency or Long Island social media marketing company also specialize in web based marketing and advertising. Such internet based efforts have found an important place in the world of commercial communication, mainly because of the rise...
Our Team and Mentors
Our Working Frames and Flow
Grand Concourse Library
Seward Park and Battery Park Libraries
Variation and Perspective What do we see , experience, and learn from multiple views or mltiple exp,orations?
Work from Slovena by Hermina and her pupils 3th grade
Work from Slovena by Hermina and her pupils 3th grade
Chelsea GPJr Kids Act-Out The Monkey and the Crocodile
Project presentations and ideas
Taradale Primary School - Sets and Costume Design
The story of monkey and crocodile by gpjdelhi-afsanak
NYPL- Van Nest Monkey and Croc Tableau
Monkeys and Crocodiles in Berlin, Germany!
monkey and the crocodile
Todt Hill's Monkey and Crocodile Storyboard
The Monkey and the Crocodile: Storyboard
Cleveland High School
field trip to Sungui Buloh Wet land Reserve, singapore
MahaManas (MahaAnand)
Highlands Diverse kinds of green and yellow. Cold wind, fog, lagoons. Beautiful landscapes. Uniques plants and animals. Ecuador's diversity in and around the capital.
FAWE Gisozi, Rwanda
Our Working Frames and Flow
Our Team and Mentors
Made in England
Local Products: Post photos of products from Poland
Field Trips and Activities
Landscapes Oil paintings with theme: landscape
Cleveland District State High School
Bushra, Idil and Yasmin
shopping and preparation of the dish
Thailand Traveller Thailand is amazing.
Ecuador Randoms Ecuador is a beautiful country with rich traditions and culture. I explored rural, urban and cosmopolitan life while I was there in June 2010.
Roland Jackson agitates that The fight for a better world. peace talk is a great weapon Roland Jackson agitates that The fight for a better world. peace talk is a great weapon Guns into the sahara desert belt, who sponsored the rebels for years, was the money robbed by rebels and terrorist has been use as scholarship, these weapon are they traced to the 47 round code once own by Osama bin ladin. does these weapon comes in through...
Youth and their role in Good Governance Youth comment on Good Governance and how they can influence in Guyana
Formal and Informal Experiential Learning Random thoughts,random images and anything from my personal learning through my observation of things around me.
Animals, Pets and Nature In an island we are living there will always be animals around to accompany us to share the nature and make it more meaningful. Loving nature and loving animals especially my pets has been a trademark.
Creating Your Tree Banding Kits
Bungy Jumping - Lake Taupo - New Zealand The most terrifying thing I've ever done in my life!
Dublin Ireland - Green Space Visit
Buildings and Recycling..Dublin
HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care YEI engages communities in discussing effective prevention of and care for HIV/AIDS through home visits, worksite discussions, anti-stigma campaigns, weekly radio programs and sensitization debates at schools, colleges and hospitals. Programs designed and implemented by our local community members have made it possible for YEI to provide many...
Tree Banding Launch - South Africa
A place on which to stand Free Education for all As part of a collective effort to uphold a worthy ideal, i have come to believe that education for all is not a myth it can be achieved. But if you and i must act to restore the hope of that hopeless child we must act now. What is important is to keep learning, to enjoy challenge, and to tolerate ambiguity. In the end...
life in randomness Life in different motion, view and style.
Rwanda Exposed A child and woman is 'exposed' to danger in their own land and by their own military. Human rights could still be doubted in any day and age.
Sandie's album
Pencil and Paint drawings Gallery of Pencil drawings and mixed media pieces by Sancho de Freitas Harker.
The United Nations and Youth The United Nations has been in existence for more than 20 years and there are more than 190 countries members of the United Nations. The UN stands for peaceful settlement of conflicts, sustainable development, human rights protection and the Kyoto Protocol. What does the UN mean to you and how do you see the youth connected to the UN?
Interpretations of Wellness and Illness For the month of May, our focus was on Health Promotion. We asked our members to ask themselves questions like: What do you think of when you think of a healthy lifestyle? What are the health-related issues and epidemics people face in your community? What are steps we can take to begin living healthier lives? Then we asked them to share their...
Friends and Flags Friends and Flags is a collaborative learning project which engages classes in a dynamic many to many exchange with international partner schools. The main theme of this exchange is multi-cultural awareness which fosters mutual respect, tolerance and communication.
Russia: Children and Youth Creativity Center, Chernogorsk
Russia: 'I Paint My World and Give It to You' На протяжении пяти лет в г. Новозыбкове, Брянской области проводится фестиваль детского и юношеского художественного творчества "Я рисую свой мир и дарю его вам". Сайт фестиваля: Организаторы этого конкурса: общественная организация "Радимичи-детям Чернобыля" г.Новозыбкова (Брянская область)...
Russia: Violetta and Marina В этой коллекции представлены работы Гизатуллиной Виолетты Равильевны и Здобновой Марины Викторовны, двух девушек из Казани. Обе они учатся в ТИСБИ на первом курсе и с детства не слышат.
Russia: Children and Youth Creativity Center, Tambov The works in this collection were created by young people from small towns and villages in the Tambov region, Russia. The art classes they study in are affiliated with the Children and Youth Creativity Center (Dvorets Tvorchestva Detey i Molodezhi), which is located in the city of Tambov and attracts young artists from all over the region. In...
Consumerism and Pollution Sometimes we buy new goods without paying attention to whether we really need them or not. We don't look at how long they might last, which country they come from or the environmental consequences of manufacturing these goods and how they are disposed. Creating new goods means new factories that need to be built whose operations can create...
Tillo qore Madrasa Samarkand! This Samarkand erleben DONT Uzbekistan, REGISTAN.
Randomness... When you think on study! or you pass though a park... or a greenery on hills attracts you.
A Philosophy and Practice for Now and the Future The phrase "how can I help" shows great humanity.
religious paintings on eggs and wood Originaled in northem Bucovina (Romania) a region where the paiting of Easter eggs has an old tradition I bring an aditional beauty and novelty conceming these creations by transfering the religious images on the egg shell.The technique I use is the same as the wooden byzantine icons.
religious paintings on eggs and wood Originaled in northem Bucovina (Romania) a region where the paiting of Easter eggs has an old tradition I bring an aditional beauty and novelty conceming these creations by transfering the religious images on the egg shell.The technique I use is the same as the wooden byzantine icons.
Images from Uganda The exhbit is about the shots that i take as I travel the various parts of Uganda, my mother-land. They depict the nature, environment, social life and aspect as well as the economy
Sinai, the Eastern Desert, and the Red Sea This exhibit is dedicated to the Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptian Eastern Desert, and the Red Sea region.
Alexandria and the North Coast I dedicate this exhibit to my hometown, Alexandria, and its surrounding region (aka The Egyptian North Coast). As such, photos that I shot, are meant to give the visitor an idea about daily-life and nature in Alexandria and the North Coast.
Oakland California USA These pictures are taken in Oakland, California USA. Oakland is just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.
Ink and Chaos INK is one of my favourite materials I use in drawing. A unique "power" distinguishes ink drawings with extreme details.
Sanjay Gandhi National Park The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the only national park in the world that lies within city limits. It is on the northern fringes of suburban Bombay. It encompasses an area of 104 square kilometres and is surrounded on three sides by Bombay. The park has a wide variety of flora and fauna and the 2400 -year-old Buddhist Kanehri Caves, which...
Trains, Stains and Hymns First Solo Show November 7 - 21, 2005 Kean University Gallery
Scotland, July/August 2005 A few images from my time in Scotland attending the World Youth Congress at Stirling University.
Logos and Posters Some logos I designed...
my land and yours this exhibit is some photos of israel that i took while my sister and I were there this past winter.
Paintings and Drawings by Bret Satten
Haven and Earth, and wild life in South Africa Haven and Earth, and wild life in South Africa
Gifts and commissions What better for an artist than to be commissioned!??! Besides that or selling, it might be the emotional satisfaction and reward of a loved one receiving a gift which is unique and filled with passion and dedication.
Earlier (and crappier) Works... merely the beginning of my expedition to stretch the imagination using the most simplistic of things...paintshop!! hahaha (and partly due to the fact that i am unemployed at the moment, therefore can't afford supplies).
Here and now People are dreamers, and that is what makes them explorers and adventurers. In other words that is what keeps them going -need to see, feel more. Sometime we are blinded with the desire so we do not see what is in our backyard. Show the world and people around you how your world can be beautiful before you start exploring other worlds.
My Exhibition; Come And See. This collection shows part of my work that i had presented as a fulfilment to my first year degree in architecture at the university of Nairobi.
Random Things Bunch of Random things
landscapes All these paintings belong to the city of Huancayo in Perú.
New Zealand Travels Product of a month long (far too short) backpacking tour through the South Island
Peace and Conflict This is an exibit that is dedicated to PEACE.
Places and Persons From Campeche-La Vaqueria-La Festen Brave-La Fiesta Brava *** Una manifestacion de las tradiciones en Mexico es sin duda la fiesta brava. ***A manifestation of the traditions in Mexico is without a doubt the brave celebration. In Logwood it has been eradicated I mistreat alos animals and one has become average enternaiment and like collecting money for the church.
WOODEN SCULPTURE OF BOTH ROUND AND RELIEFS FROM UGANDA The exhibition is about the promotion of my art.Since my government do not take much concern about promotion of youth talents therefore most of youth here in Uganda do not take part in creativities.Young people possisbly children are found in streets moving around because they believe their government is not gonna suport them.Another thing is...
David and Goliath
thoughts and feelings A random works of mix media that is about Peace ,family ,the fear of war and conflicts ....
Landscape Brainstorming my childhood I find myself flying over landscapes, retriving memories and emotions from what might had been forgoten. It's always a start to boost criativity.
art and fase
Feminine and Romantic Hi, Self portraits of me in feminine and romantic fashions
Black and White Film Photography A series of Black and White photo's shot from 2003-2004. All developed and processed in the darkroom at my school. Includes a wide variety of subject matter.
Fathers and Sons A painted aluminum sculpture, 10' high, shown at Pier Walk '99 on Chicago's Navy Pier.

Submissions (1500)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Before and After Cleaning St. Leo Catholic School
tgodwald Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Stop and Think! I believe people should stop harming the natural environment and thinking only about themselves. They should think about the world and how to keep it good for the children.
silwen Collage
Climate and human İ wanted to show the impact climate change has on people. The size of the artwork is 35x 50
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Don't Litter and be Kind Kids for Kindness
Rebsmoon Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Before and After Kids for Kindness
Rebsmoon Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Should I Raise My Hand? School at times can be a struggle. Bullying, the stress of grades and sometimes just the idea of school in general can negatively effect students. In my perfect world, everyone in school would be happy. It would be a bully-free and stress-free environment where people should raise their hands and not be afraid of saying the wrong answer. No one...
globalgallery Painting, Acrylic
Utopia: A place where we are all happy and feel loved. A future where everything is perfect; where our environment is beautiful. Created using AI.
globalgallery Computer Graphics
The sunset, the art and the dream, the drought will never win! The warm energy of sunset makes me dream about tomorrow. How can we make our world a better place to live, have fun and enjoy nature? The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child says: “States Parties recognize the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to...
globalgallery Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Peace In Our Hands The purpose of my art is to spread awareness about world peace. Maintaining peace is up to the countries and their people. We can have a united world and have peace in spite in difference of cultures and religions, difference in views & opinions. The hands here depict the various countries of the world who can if worked on maintain world peace...
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Feel free and educate This picture depicts that “An educated woman is one of the most powerful forces on earth”
Tags: #womenempowerment
khadijakiran Drawing, Pencil