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Anime Girls Anime girl Drawings

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Chinese Anime Chinese Anime by Zakhele Hakonze
ZakheleDHakonze Drawing, Pencil
Random Anime Girl I was bored so i decided to draw some anime because I'm a huge fan of Japanese anime
Tags: anime, japanese, girl
nootrachel Drawing, Pencil
My Girl Friend Anime-ized A co-drawn picture with my brother, though the orginal was different. I changed it to look like my girl friend, and portrayed it in an Anime-style. For a laugh, instead of photoshop, I used the worse program known to man. Microsoft Paint. I was missing my girl friend dearly since she lives 280 miles away, so, this is how this was created and why.
watashinomiteja Computer Graphics
ANime My first anime
Midlifeloki Computer Graphics