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Sharing Maple Syrup With The World Kindergarten and Grade One students in Moonstone, Ontario Canada collaborated with students from Koahsuing Taiwan to create a video that brings them all together in the spirit of friendship, sharing and belonging together.
Tags: maple syrup, sharing, inclusión, belonging, canada, taiwan
Winnisk Mixed Media
Maple leaves in autumn Photo taken in my home garden.
kyphilosopher Photography, Colour
Fruit Girl The need to be surrounded by nature and healthy fruits, to feel in the morning freshness and energy; to defeat the disease, to keep light between friends and continue to be young as a child all your life...
Tags: aple, frutis, healthy, nature, friends, light
CrinaMB Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Scarlet Maple Leaves - Under a Satin Blue Sky Oh, Canada! I found these leaves for thee.
PinchMe Photography, Colour
Road of Maple Road of Maple, taking in Miyajima Grand Hotel arumoto, Japan
arthy Photography, Colour
maple leaf
vivienluo Computer Graphics
Maple Leaf This image represents Canada for me. This is one of those rare pieces that I actually like very much.
o0artist0o Ink, Pen
The peir in Naples This is a place I used to hang out. This painting is backlight reflective. There are lights that shimmer across the sea, and lights on the board walk that light up, and stars in the sky.
commogod79 Painting
The Aboriginal Origin of Maple Sap This is an artwork by Kefan from Macklin P.S.
Drawing, Pencil
Colombian Fruits "Pineaple" Pineaples are are one of the millions of fruits growing in Colombia...But narcotrafic is kiling our land and changing the wonderfull life of the tropic for drugs....No one wants to grow fruits in our land anymore...but everyone wants to buy a pair of Nikes with the easy money of narcotrafic....Stop it...Let the pineaples grow
Utria Collage