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Where did the MANGO? The main purpose behind my artwork was to deliver the message of taking control of our lives by the means of bold action. I representated this metaphorically through an arrow (determination) and mangoes (love and new beginnings) Hence at a time like this, where social injustice and diseases are spreading like wildfire, it is a wake up call for...
Tags: mango, arrow, humanity, justice, nature
Eshaan Flash Animation
Narrow The alleyway represents the narrow view that people can sometimes have.
Janetwong Photography, Digitally Manipulated
A narrow mind Basically alot of children who grew up in the enviroment of violence, think that's all they can be. By this picture we wanted to point ouit that there is more to the world than dealing through violence.
persaud7 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
To High Places By Narrow Roads This is what I live my life by, the words in Latin meaning to travel to high places by narrow roads, metaphorically shape my view on life. The cross in the middle represents my faith. I had it tattooed on my lower back as a reminder to live... This photo was taken right after I got it done with my Zia Anna.
Luisa13 Ink, Pen
Narrow Railway Sign The railway sign by the old narrow railway revamped for touristic route in Serbia, Shargan, near the mountain Zlatibor. (Spring 2004)
Zo Photography, Colour
Wheelbarrow a wheelbarrow...
MafeMejia Photography, Colour