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Seward Park and Battery Park Libraries
Seattle, March 30th - 31st, 2012
1st Stove Attempts
Shattered World This painting is about humans destroying Earth. The glass represent Earth where it is being destroyed by humans as we are cutting trees and polluting. The shattered glass symbolizes that it will be difficult to fix Earth.
Il Contratto tecnica mista/tavola 160x125
Paintings and Drawings by Bret Satten

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Inner Battle My name is Jephthe Celormy and I’m an intern at Urgent Inc, I use to deal with my fair share of bullies and it really put me in a box. Here I’am 10-11 years old and I’m scared to put myself out there and just be a kid. Growing up I got to learn more and more about God and I realized the only person I should look to for validation is God. I...
Tags: #UrgentInc #FACE
JephtheCelo Mixed Media
Our Voices Matter Hi, I'm an intern at Urgent, Inc and my art is intended to inspire those that may need the upliftment to speak their truth. My art speaks to those that may have never received the words that they may have needed. Our voice has the power to either make others' lives better or worse. Words should be used wisely while holding the power that it...
Tags: #FACE, #UrgentInc, #Words, #Voices, #Growth
shacarahbraddy Photography, Colour
Cultural Attan Dance Connecting the people Attan is cultural Dance ( which are connecting the people and realizing their self belonging as a nation
Tags: Attan, Ismail Swati, dance, culture
ismailswati Painting
Matthew Romero - Face The Fe This video was created as part of the AYV program at the Youth Media Project. "Matthew Romero digs deep to tell about his hopes and fears around his musical aspirations for the future."
ayv Mixed Media
Patterns Some patterns.
praisy Computer Graphics
Pattern It is a really cool painting.
praisy Computer Graphics
UPS Battery Replacement All Uninterruptable Power Supplies use some form of battery. Most are industry-standard and easily replaceable. Don't throw out the whole unit just because of a dead battery. Replace the battery and recycle the old ones. Many can be refurbished or the materials reclaimed.
anarchy1024 Photography, Colour
Old Growth Battle The main idea to my “Old Growth Battle” game board is the idea that as the axe player makes it to the other side, they successfully have cut down trees and in doing so, become a pile of logs. Meanwhile, as the small trees make it to the other side, they grow and become larger trees. The game is driven from the ongoing debate of cutting old...
Tags: old-growth, ceramic, checkers, logs, trees, axes, battle, debate
artrageous Sculpture
The Long Gun Registry Battle Scrapping the Long Gun Registry has been a debatable topic for quite some time now in Canada. Canada’s Firearms Act was amended in 1995, requiring all owners of hunting rifles and shotguns to obtain a license and register each firearm. By January 1, 2003, all guns were to be registered. The guns that were classified as “non-restricted” were...
Tags: registry, battle, firearms, debate, ceramic, toilet, messy
artrageous Sculpture
Life needs your attention! Some people are easily waste their money while Si Mbok (old lady who's selling healthy traditional beverages) is trying to look for some money just to continue her life and also her family. #ironic
Tags: social justice, how to survive
yuwita 3D Graphics