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World Vision Youth Ambassadors

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Chief Basso'o (Left View) The statue's head Basso'o from Cameroon. It was created in 1964 and consists of pearls, cowries and wood (issoube).
Tags: chief
kml29 Sculpture
Rock Bass Hero
Tags: bass, music, hair
nmburyk Photography, Colour
Ambassadors for Dialogue In this picture you see a Christian Dane and a Muslim Egyptian. The moment we met is very specail to me. We have nothing in common and though we share love and trust which leads us to dialogue and a common understanding. Anaa uhibki yaa Nadia!
Tags: dialogue, understanding, love, trust, global, youth, culture, religion
cola Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Greek Embassy Even the Greek Embassy looks in need of a facelift.
Rapscallion Photography, Colour
Basswood One of the most peaceful places on Earth. But if you want to travel to the island, you have to canoe or kayak from the mainland.
pebbles Photography, Colour
Double Bass A Double Bass, parked at the Pantheon
martin83 Photography, Digitally Manipulated