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Commercial 3D Interior CGI Office Commercial 3D Interior CGI Office Design and Animation by Yantram Studio.
Tags: interior, rendering, cgi, design, visualization, animation, bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, office, architectural, 3d interior rendering, 3d interior design, realistic, 3d interior animation, 3d interior visualization
yantramstudio Mixed Media
Willis Photography, Colour
birch outside bathroom window this is 24 by 36 in. the assignment was to draw a window with a layer in front of, the window itself, and a layer behind.
rockaturban Drawing, Charcoal
Kaminsky's Bathroom Floor Kaminsky's is my favorite coffee/dessert cafe in Charleston. A friend and I used to frequent the place almost every night our first year of college. This is the bathroom floor, a floor that many drunk people in Charleston have gotten to know Friday and Saturday nights. I digitally altered the photo to enhance the drain and the tile.
melanie Photography, Digitally Manipulated