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The beauty of freedom They are easily, freely, beautiful. I look at them again and again...and every time they impress me of gracefulness
...the beauty of Great ife !

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The beauty of nature I wanted to show that all the people are like a family in this world so we need to be united and protect nature so that we can live in a beautiful planet.
Tags: "family, world, planet, nature"
Gytutis123 Painting
Beauty of our biodiversity Suncity School, Gurgaon, India. Opening our eyes to the beautiful biodiversity of our planet.
Tags: global warming, india, Suncity School, climate change, biodiversity, pollution, save earth
clannapurna Painting, Acrylic
There is beauty in every day. BE INSPIRED! I realise that with all of our busy lives sometimes we forget to stop and just admire how beautiful our earth is. So I’m hoping to send a message to remind us to appreciate what’s around us, but I’m also sending a message to inspire people. Today was my first day joining this website and I want to encourage everyone to help make a change-every...
Tags: environment, nature, activism, climate change, #savetheplanet, earth, green, Decarbonize, global warming, climate action, trees, life, #actnow
Sophia_123 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Beauty and the Beast over Zoom I have been so frustrated with the quarantine , especially because my drama lessons are now in front of my computer. Every week I pushed myself to come out with a creative idea so I organized my entire family, including my grandma who was staying with us, to play my favorite story "Beauty and the Beast", we were rehearsing, making costumes...
YouthMedia Mixed Media
Wasted beauty The painting was inspired by love for marine creatures. The green shows that we still have time to make amends. There's still a chance to fix our wrong doings and save these beautiful animals.
Tags: biodiversity loss, nature, hope
Nijhoom910 Painting, Watercolour
Love Emits. I created this piece of Art gluing red paper over top of a sketch of a woman. I curled the paper to make it fancier/prettier. Each layer represents big and small amounts of love "emitting" off of someone. My wish for the next 150 years of Canada is represented in my Art; Beauty and Love may continue.
Tags: red, love, heart, beauty, beautiful, pretty, metaphor, paper, meaning, inspirational, fancy, care
RTISTry1234 Drawing, Pencil
Animals are the beauty Animal are the beauti of this globe
ismailswati Painting
Beauty is only skin deep This piece was created through the AYV program at the Guildford School of Languages. "This poster combines both picture of a wall with a draw of an eye. Using Photoshop I tried to integrate this elements to get an impact into the viewer. My intention was to show that the important isn`t what our eyes see. Like Antoine Saint Exupery said in his...
ayv Mixed Media
Xiangru Zhou——Bathing Beauty Paint is spattered on five disposable cake dishes, and long pins is used to connect rose branches with dishes. The final formation of the five flowers means the class 5' flower!
JiaHuang Sculpture
Natural Beauty Landscape of trees to show the beauty and colors that exist in nature.
Tags: art
labellasorella Painting, Acrylic