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Submissions (3)

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Beeshazaar Taal(lake of 20k) This painting is the original scenario of wild life reserve forest of Chitwan district of Nepal country. These forest rich in longest lake where all type of flora n fauna could be seen . It is one of the tourism place of region.
mahendra193 Painting, Oil
Flying Insect Bees
lemur974 Photography, Colour
Beesleys Country Beesleys country is a cute picture ( Back in the hills . there is a happy place fur childern still play! ) I know its hard to see this picture ..I wish you could see closeup its good. I would not change anything! my real toy beesley is siting with a bib on eating watermelon. I have a whole consept of this story! I was trying to make a website...
teddibubbles Painting, Oil