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Games have no bias by Annie Games have no boundaries and everyone should always be included. The more people the more fun!
TIGstaff Drawing, Pencil-crayon
despite all this "despite all this, i will not judge the next by the last"- 1979 the capacity to love is in direct proportion to the level of negative projection as reflex... height -12 inches -width -21 inches -depth -10 inches...
Tags: discrimination, bias, hatred, divorce, love, transcenderarts, george transcender
transcenderarts Sculpture
Phobias...the fear we all feel...Close up 3 The final close ups. Use your imagination to interpret.
mosaic-eye Drawing, Charcoal
Phobias....The Fear We All Feel...Close Up To Another close up. A mutilated face, kind of phantom of the opera.
mosaic-eye Drawing, Charcoal
Phobias...the fear we all feel...Close up 1 Here's a close up of one part...
mosaic-eye Drawing, Charcoal
Phobias...The Wear We All Feel The picture is a little crooked. But you get the point. The next few pictures are close ups of the separate pieces. This piece portrays how phobias affect a person, the fear they feel when they come in contact with the thing they're so afraid of.
mosaic-eye Drawing, Charcoal