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Native Irish Birds

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Save the birds Birds make you smile, let them live for a while.
Tags: pollution, animal, bird, save, planet, earth, red, brown, gray, purple, colorful, litter
hakob_kojoyan Mixed Media
Sad birds still sing. We all love NATURE. But somehow destroying what we love has become our NATURE.
Tags: save, animals, birds, brown, green, pollution, life, survive, nature, family
hakob_kojoyan Mixed Media
Hummingbirds meeting in flight - by Ana Two Hummingbirds Meeting in Flight Description: Acrylic painting on canvas. A black and gold male hummingbird on the left is mirrored by a female hummingbird illustrated as a negative gold and black image on the right. The artist incorporates west-coast, mid-coast and pacific north-west coast regional styles using split u-forms, ovoids,...
Tags: hummingbirds, indigenous art, canadian, pacific northwest, youth, painting
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Hummingbirds Paper cutout. (Black origami paper and scissors).
Tags: humming bird, paper, cutout
kenjiwissen Mixed Media
Twitty on the pipe Using GEX500 digital camera. This was a local bird that drinks in a loose pipe.
Tags: eyselpeyt, birds, trilles
heifezi Photography, Colour
Birds Gedsc digital camera
Tags: eyselpeyt, tiged, nauture photography
heifezi Photography, Colour
Birds, Tree at sunset A flock of birds at sunset in the Algrave
Tags: tree, bird
nmburyk Photography, Colour
Bunch of Birds in White Photo taken at a small beautiful bird sanctuary at Mandagadde village, near Shivamoga City, Karnataka India. Around 8 species of birds from different parts of world used to come here to hatch their eggs. The river tunga has created a safe Iceland which is also submerged in the back water of the tunga river dam built near this bird sanctuary.
Tags: nil
hngiridhara Photography, Colour
Fruit Loops Indeed Large billed Toucan The are not much for the human, but they love Oro Pendula Eggs
Tags: birds, toucan, fruit loops
Mezmoreyes Photography, Colour
Birds of Southern Africa Sketch One
reasonandrhyme Ink, Pen