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What if... Creator: Regina Miraldo She wanted to makes us reflect about people's life with vission disabilities and how they look through the world as we do.
Tags: vission, disabilities, society, blind, dignity
dagf2312 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
This is my world Creator: Regina Miraldo Regina's best friend has low vision, she's almost blind and that makes Regina want to aware people about this disability and the world they has to live, different from ours. People with low vision has poor accessibility on the streets, in public transport, in shoppings... and we, as society, must work to give this...
Tags: blind, youth, society, low vission
dagf2312 Computer Graphics
Blindess PSAA Artist(s): patrick kabeya Organization: YOUCAN A Poster about the blindness and what it means to a blind person. Created by a 14 year old Adobe Youth Voices students at YOUCAN.
ayv Photography, Colour
An eye for an eye can make the whole world blind Human rights picture ..... :P thanks Ghandi
msms-Gagandeep Computer Graphics
Blinded This is a piece I did recently. Sort of a mix between what some people have not seen because they've been blinded. So many people need to wake up an realize what is happening! Eyes need to start -seeing-. Many people only see the half of it. Like this portrait. (Please credit and ask before use so I can give you my rules!)
riot Drawing, Pencil
It's The Blind Occordion Man In a public park in Kunming, China - July 2005
adiab Photography, Colour
Blinds 27x30cm.
glorieusegloria Painting
Blind Dates When my OAC Drama Class put on the Blind Dates Production I volunteered to create a painting to be used as a poster for promoting the event! As you can see, this play dealt with drinking and driving, drugs, sex, and long winding roads... I think that Drama is a great way to share stories about harsh realities in the world...especially...
jenergy Painting
botanical colour-blind test acrylic on canvas, 5' X 6', 2000
kickarooster Painting, Acrylic