Submissions (10)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Gun Block More and more children are being exposed to violence every day and most of them are unaware of the effects it has on them. Violence strips away a child's innocence and purity; these two things don't belong together.
GwynethT Painting, Acrylic
North Block This building houses the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
The Building Blocks of Peace and War Created by students ages 14-15 years old at Colegio Ingles in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico.
PTPIGYM Painting
Typical Housing Block in Sakhalin These kind of housing blocks are a relic of the good old days of the USSR. It's incredibly difficult to tell one building from another.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
A Blocked Entrance To A Home In Yafa, يافا-باب بيت فلسطيني This is a door of a Palestinian house in Yafa city, The thing that attracted me in this picture, is the clear need to hide this entrance, but for some reason it makes it bolder and more visible.
ruba Photography, Colour
The Block-Watercolor This block that I have studied it carefully using collage was essential in our study of proportion and still life. Here, I decided to study one face of the block using watercolor and taking into consideration than lighting effect.
mmtairo Painting, Watercolour
The Block 2 Collage This piece of collage that was part of my first year pin up received accolades due to the media used. The materials were dried straws of banana with their strokes lined up in different directions to depict different planes. The work still remains treasured by me and many.
mmtairo Collage
Sepia Blocks A picture of my niece Amber. I added some effects in a photo program to get this blocky feel to it. :)
ilovebobmarley86 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Corniche concrete blocks Concrete blocks on the corniche of Alexandria.
powerfactor Photography, Black and White
User Luv is Blocked
Angel_on_broomstick Computer Graphics