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Submissions (12)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
What if bombs were flowers...Dare to Reshape our wars. I dare our government to bombard countries with flowers.
globalgallery Computer Graphics
Los bomberos y los niños apagando el fuego El dibujo expresa la preocupación de los niños por la contaminación que provoca los fuegos en las ciudades
danielbb Drawing, Crayon
Los bomberos nos ayudan a eliminar el fuego./Firefighters help us get rid of the fire. En el dibujo expresa como los niños se preocupan por evitar los incendios y contribuyen a eliminarlo./In the drawing expresses how children worry about avoiding fires and helping to eliminate it
danielbb Drawing, Crayon
"Boom - OurTree" Depicts the pollution that we cause with our advanced weapons of war, destroying the world we live in. The "caution" tape shows the point at which we should be aware of and not pass.
Tags: tree, bomb, pollution
timmylam Painting, Acrylic
"Boom - Our Tree" Depicting the pollution that we exhaust everyday, the cars, the factories, and the weapons of war, and how they destroy our world.
Tags: bomb, tree, pollution
timlam Painting, Acrylic
nowon bombshelter door peel and stick
bvr Mixed Media
Bombay Summer Collage This mix of labernum, evergreen and trees with red berries makes summer a very colurful season in the park.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Another Warm, Sunny Day in Bombay! A cruise on the Arabian Sea off Bombay Harbour can be a real refreshing experience. The Gateway of India and Taj Mahal hotel are in the background
ajay78 Photography, Black and White
Estatua al Bombero Voluntario Esta es una estatua a los bomberos, se encuentra en el circuito turistico Caminito en el barrio de La Boca que es algo inseguro por la noche
julianprofeta Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Bomba Bomba is a dance of Puerto Rico. The drums read the movements of the dancer and play back the rhythms. I love music from Puerto Rico. I think these colors describe how it feels to me.
clarita Computer Graphics