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Through The Books. I am a 14-year-old Brazilian, black, living in the periphery. This is my vision of a better world. through the book and education. A world supported by knowledge and the practice of reading in formal and non-formal education, through stimuli for creativity, reading expands our knowledge, generating opportunities in a fairer society. Data...
globalgallery Painting
Fashionably Lounging During quarantine, many of us might have realized how important it is to go out and spend time in nature. In my photo collage, I wanted to show that, even in the age of quarantine, we can still go out and have a good time doing the things that we enjoy, whether that be reading or just relaxing and taking in the nature around us. The only way one...
Tags: face, wig, fun, quarantine, reading, books, Urgent Inc.
ch_ade Collage
Education for all Everyone deserves an education in life and sometimes because you live in a developing country you do not get the same experiences as you would in a developed country.
Tags: education, books, developing countries
bjhughes3 Computer Graphics
'More books' Since the Soviet invasion in 1979 a steady decline has all but demolished Afghanistan's educational infrastructure. An estimated 80% of school buildings were damaged or destroyed in the war and Afghanistan has the lowest overall literacy rate in Asia. Since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, a number of home-based schools have started up, like...
enayatyama Photography, Colour
Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Volunteer booksellers
danman Photography, Colour