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Submissions (18)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Message in a Bottle The plastic bottle in this collage shows that it is important to avoid using plastics in our daily lives and in all our routines. A great amount of waste in the ocean is plastic.
Tags: ocean, pollution, rising temperatures
JEJD-MAT Collage
Empty Jam Bottle, Glass Paint, Free time, and Me Art from Waste
Tags: art, waste, glass paint
anuriandima84 Painting, Oil
Free This is a picture of my dreams. I hope for peace. I hope for co-existence between everyone. I hope for freed doves, joined hands, and a safe and loving world to let the cork off the bottle and create something beautiful out of human potential.
Tags: bird, paint, selin jessa, watercolour, youth, peace, loveart, sketchbook, contest, splatter, watercolor, bottle, hand, freedom, doves, purple, painting
sj78sixx Painting, Watercolour
Bottle of Life i believe that even when the worst things happen to us, something good will happen... and what i want to express is that once the bad things are over, good things will happen..
Tags: bottle, hearts, splash, hope, love, live
qianyimelia Markers
Sun Bottles
Shoma Drawing, Pastel
Fragile Blue Bottles The fragility of childhood, balloons that fly away, flowers that wilt and bottles too brittle to last...
Shoma Drawing, Pastel
Message in a Bottle At the end of a large ramble what everybody wants is to refresh themselves. Monica is totally exhausting so what she wants is a bit of water. A precious natural resource that into a bottle means more than simply water. I took this pic at the middle of 2002. AT a trekking to the town of "Pachacamac" (Outside Lima). I used the Canon 505....
Latin Photography, Colour
Bottle This is a picture of me, chasing a friend with a water bottle at a club in Jacksonville, FL. The photo to the right is the original. I digitally altered the middle photo to make it look like beam of light is coming out of the bottle, and the last photo was made to look like a watercolor.
melanie Photography, Digitally Manipulated
'And a bottle of rum!
Jarra 3D Graphics