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Brazil - Beautiful People During an eye opening trip into the magic of Rio de Janeiro, into the favelas and into the mind set of local Brazilians.
Youth Voices - Brazil - Climate Change
Youth Voices- Brazil - Culture & Identity

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Saving nature, Saving lives A student´s watercolor work that depicts the connection of indigenous people and Earth.
Tags: brazil, Taguatinga, indigenous people, deforestation
IsabelTeixeira Painting, Watercolour
Sustainable Energy We need more sustainable energy, to think about our future and help with small and large actions. The future depends on our actions.
Tags: environment, sustainability, energy, meio ambiente, brazil
AndressaAlves Photography, Digitally Manipulated
We still have the power to choose in which side we want to live! If we do the right thing we can save our planet and live symmetrically with nature.
Tags: brazil, brasília, Tupi Guarani, ClimateChanging, airpollution, droughts, floods, saveourplanet
ingrid2209 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Jesus' back photo of the back side of the 'Cristo Redentor'
Tags: seven wonders, rio, brazil, culture
ivanbigas Photography, Black and White
Salvador Rooftops Rooftops in Salvador, Brazil
Tags: salvador, brazil
mfurdyk Photography, Colour
Flooding in Brazil Residents used a truck tire tube to travel. The flooding has transformed this town of red-roofed buildings into an aquatic city where transportation is only possible by boat or by swimming. Photo: Lalo de Almeida for The New York Times
yashoda Photography, Colour
Flooding in Brazil Children played in the Mearim River in the flooded town of Trizidela do Vale, in the northeastern state of Maranhao, Brazil. It has been a month since torrential downpours overflowed the banks of the Mearim, forcing 11,000 out of 18,4000 from their homes. Photo: Lalo de Almeida for The New York Times
yashoda Photography, Colour
Brazilian puppet/Consuelo Milagrosa I am Consuelo Milagrosa from Brazil. I love to dance. You can visit me on my space. My url is: MySpace URL:
clarita Sculpture
Brazilian Angel [Angel de Paz] Brazilian Angel of Peace.
clarita Computer Graphics
BRAZILLIAN CARNIVAL QUEEN Beautiful portrait of Brazillian Carnival Queen w/all skintones of Brazil. Thousands of tiny marks pattern to make this extraordinary piece. Contact artist at
3delilahs Painting, Acrylic