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Perspectives: Inspiring Hope for a Brighter Future In 2014, TakingITGlobal engaged nearly 3000 youth in 35 countries in creating digital media pieces about their issues, their communities, their dreams and their demands. We trained 150 educators to support and guide youth through this artistic journey. Youth from around the globe reflected on the realities of the world around them and created...
West Brighton Photo Album

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Empowering a Brighter World In my artwork, this young girl from a BIPOC background is seen happily floating in the sky holding balloons that contain her vision for the world that she aims to reshape. She is wearing a rainbow dress, symbolizing her identity as a 2LGBTQ+ community member. The balloons represent my vision for a greater world that all politicians should work...
catherinewang10 Computer Graphics
We are brighter tomorrow!!! Please let us allow to play not to beg
komalkantariya Photography, Colour
June Exhibit - Bright Brackley Beach This was taken at Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island. I edited this a little bit but those colors were actually there and were beautiful as ever! I think that this shows my Canadian identity as it shows the wide range of colors that only one area can have, all mixed in to one. Great diversity of colors, plants, and animals.
IslandGirl333 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Separated Connection My artworks deal with the relationship between nature and men, portrayed by various natural and man-made materials. Although we are surrounded by these materials that make up our environment, we do not recognize the tight relationship that both nature and us, men share. Either in a positive or negative way, we interact with nature everyday and...
Tags: native, rug, back lighting, bright, oil painting, aboriginals, feather, nature, brown
jkim915 Painting, Oil
morning bright how bright world looks
sospeterson Painting, Oil
Some days are Brighter! i may not see the joy, with every sun-rise, the wake up call to look at life! but that does not restrain the inanimate window pane to be delightfully happy, bathing in sunlight after cold-night. I open the door to get my newspaper, hanging on the door sees me through! may be it wonders why I don't find the mirth around or does it mock...
mews Photography, Colour
Brighton Le
patriciak Photography, Colour
Bright Buildings
jenergy Photography, Colour
Bright Future Just like the bright colors and the happy kid used in this work...that’s my vision for 2015.
tushort Computer Graphics
Bright and yellow... Still-life.Watercolors on paper.30X40cm.2003
ol-g72 Painting, Watercolour