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Lord Gauthama Buddha Reproduction of ancient mode of art in particular to the temple art of Sri Lanka. Lord Gauthama Buddha when illustrated with line art soft limitation of shades.
ajithprashantha Painting, Oil
LORD BUDDHA for buddha so loved the world.....that he gave his love to world..............
nivedi Painting
golden buddha this i hve done in acrylics colours in new style tryng to do n little change my style
Tags: kapparikishan, painting
kapparikishan Painting
CleaningBuddha A disabled carver washes his finished work and prepares it for sale.
Tags: cambodia, artist, siem reap
zacmosphere Photography, Colour
BuddaKhmerRouge One of the most profound images I have taken of historical reference. An ancient Buddha severed at the waste during the relatively recent civil war period in Cambodia. The statue is honoured the same as it always has been as the country reconciles with its history.
Tags: cambodia, buddha, ankor, siem reap
zacmosphere Photography, Colour
RecliningBuddha Reclining Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand.
Tags: thailand, reclining buddha
zacmosphere Photography, Colour
Buddha Pupil tree Inspiring human life beneath the banyan tree by Buddha.
Tags: artwork by s m hulikunte
sowmitrih Painting, Oil
Eternal Presence Why doesn't the world topple over? Who is holding it so strong?
Tags: painting, buddha, world, divine
hufata Painting, Acrylic
Buddha This picture is about a beautiful Buddha in Thailand.
b9 Photography, Colour
Pigeon Buddha
kyphilosopher Photography, Colour