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Film Building Films This collection contains three youth-created films from a virtual international filmbuilding workshop. The films were created by students from Chile, China, and the United States answering "what is the opposite of distance?". This workshop was organized and administered by Tom Flint of Zoom-In-Zoom-Out and Urban Media Arts (UMA) of...
The Renewable Energy,Waste Management,and Character building Student The program to issue to Suistainable world with: 1.The Renewable Energy 2.Waste Management 3.Character building Student
WOW Zone students create buildings on Sketch Up!
Mott Haven Library Building Tour
My Films About Community Building I am really passionate about community and peace building. Here are some of my videos about my local and international actions. I have also included random vids from little fundraiser projects. A wide range here.
Buildings and Recycling..Dublin
Scottish Parliament Building Visit
Glasgow Caledonian University building visit
Unit 2 Buildings
Unit 2: Buildings
Unit 2: Buildings
Unit 2: Buildings
Unit 2: Buildings!
Unit 2: BUILDING Visits
Buildings Buildings, on a drive through St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada.

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Building Catastrophe #decarbonize
Millpond Computer Graphics
In Between the Haze and the Sky The work applies the technique regurgitation, linear perspective and contrast. The work used the copy of newspaper and magazine as materials. The left side of the painting represents the haze, the right side of the painting represents the blue sky.
Tags: city, haze, sky, building
JustinHuang666 Collage
Building the dock We all work together to build our dock. I watched them build the concrete ramp.
Tags: dock, ramp
haitiocean Photography, Colour
Building the Future Author: Alida Quesada Organization: Reto Juvenil Internacional Bullying in the schools is a problem that increased within the last years to become an alarming social issue that is affecting everyone in different levels, to the point of making a negative impact sometimes with irreversible effects on the victims of bullying. This projects strives...
ayv Computer Graphics
CIRS Building IBWSC UBC 2013
SarahMurguia Photography, Colour
Building 2 (:
suiwing Drawing, Pencil
Building :)
suiwing Drawing, Pencil
Parliament Building with Dahlia Paper cutout work. (Black origami paper and scissors).
Tags: dahlia, parliament building
kenjiwissen Mixed Media
Building Pollution As the natural environment decreases, pollution rises.
niriameg3479 Painting, Watercolour
Me at historical building That's me! This is a historical building with a statue of Zappa as you enter to the right of it. It has an open ceiling. Our friend had a dance performance in this building,
clarita Holography